How To Pick A Watermelon…

Well, it looks great now that it’s cut, but how to know which to buy? Well, only one foolproof way — The color. …

Yep, that creamy color; not the  green!  It is the creamy (not really “white”) color on the bottom of the melon. This is where it sat for a long period of time. Just like most fruit, when cut too soon, they’re pretty lousy.

Get the ones with biggest spot too.

Here is one I got that turned out good, even with a bottom that wasn’t as good as the one above…

It was the best one I could find. And even though not the ultimate, it was an awesome melon! Wasn’t sure at all about it, since the spot is very vague. Surely a lucky situation; your best bet is to look for the most creamiest you can find.

All the other  methods I’ve tried — thumping, listening, weighing, smelling — none are consistent.  I don’t do Vegas with fruit!

For other melons, I go by heaviness, looks, and fragrance. Much like when I posted “How To Pick a Pineapple,” the seemingly over-ripe looking ones are always a sure bet, too. Most people would think they are old or rotting — nope. Those were left on the vine a long time and got *sweet* and syrupy. Delicious. Not sure if you can tell by the picture, but the cantaloupe and the honeydew look “soft” and are soft; they are perfect! Do not get them if they have dark spots or mold, obviously! And not a lot of dents, etc. They should definitely smell like sugary sweet melon, and not have any kind of musty scent.

Since these are ready to go, like, as in NOW, they should be consumed right away, and definitely refrigerated.

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Did you know watermelon is more nutritious at room temperature?

Color is really not an indicator either — well, the green color of watermelon, that is. I’ve gotten light colored melons that were syrup-endipitously divine! And as you see, the skins of the melons above aren’t necessarily the prettiest.

But, oh, when you cut it open…

*Gorgeous! AND, loaded with flavor that had time to develop —  note the thin rind.

Juicy and sweet…what more could you ask?

Save yourself the anguish and just look for the  melon’s C-spot ;^)  Works every time!

Did you know the “viagra” effect of watermelon is highest in yellow watermelon?

How do you pick your melons?


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