Laugh To Live 😀  I definitely subscribe to this one. I think, it’s something even children know, instinctively, if not intellectually. I mean, I certainly did 😀 It’s sad how we forget about our childhood wisdom. Good news is, wisdom is there and doesn’t just go away. It’s recoverable, I think! 😀 I sure can use all the wisdom I can get!

Good for the mood; and, reportedly good for health, literally! Cool Beans :D.

Live longer? Maybe. Forming positive, loving relationships can be key; if not, it certainly makes life more filled with joy — who wouldn’t want that? Yea, I’ll buy that 😉

How can we add more humor and belly laughs to our lives?!

Here’s another to give you a chuckle today:

Now tell me you didn’t smile after these vids! 😉

There is SO much to be worried about, so much to stress about, so much to be unhappy about — give yourself a break! How about actively seeking some good? Health is not just all about food! You know, sometimes all it takes is a smile. I’ve had my day made by a simple smile from a stranger. I try to do the same for others. Sometimes, when I’ve just smiled at someone, I see their entire face change! It looks as if a load has just been lifted from them. And I recognize it! I’ve felt that too. Have you? A simple smile 🙂 Power!

Here are some things to read — just for giggles 😉

What do you do for laughs? What makes you laugh? Please share! I can always use another laugh or smile!

Have a fabulous, silly, smiley-infused, laughable ( :D) day!


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The Power Of Resignation…

Richard Nixon Letter of Resignation, via WikiMedia Commons

Richard Nixon Letter of Resignation, via WikiMedia Commons


I was reading about the aged and how, if they are resigned to negative thinking about aging, they are actually actively programming their mental and physical decline*:


Just…wow. Wake up call! Not just for the aged, but for all of us. In many, many ways. The belief = the reality — regardless of its “truth”; regardless of its factuality; regardless of reality.
We all know the power of intent — yes, it’s powerful; But many have an intent, yet “cannot” bring it to fruition. Why?

What you say to yourself = what you believe = what you act out = your reality. If you label your challenges as “failures” — that’s what you believe, that’s what you act out, that’s what they are…that’s what you are.

Perhaps some of us have been programmed since childhood to believe certain things about ourselves — things people told us we were/are. What are those things? Are they true? Do you believe them? Do you — have you acted them out, regardless of intention? Regardless of the irrationality of them, regardless if you “know” logically they are not “true” — have you made them true?

Who are you listening to now? Do they tell you, encourage you to be your best? to do your best? to be all you can? Do they encourage you to give and be 100%? 90%? Or maybe just 70% is good for you? Do they tell you or insinuate you can’t do 100%? Why? Why do they — why would they tell you something like that? Would they say that to a — or to their — child?  Maybe that’s all you’re capable? Is that what they tell you? Is that what you tell you? Is that what you internalize? believe? resign?

Maybe the time to actively change that is now. Resign to that. Hand in your resignation to your boss, that “Mr./Mz. Negativity.” Resign to change those beliefs; untruths; those resignations…

You are what you believe — not what you parrot you believe. If you believe you can only achieve 90%, that’s all you will yourself to achieve. You will it.

Most of us know the right things to say and are supposed to subscribe to  — the pc things; the mantras; the “m hm’s” —  but are our results manifesting this?

~ * ~

The ancestor to every action is a thought” _Emerson

~ * ~

If you give 100%, there is no need for, no room for self-disappointment and shame; no room for guilt or excuses, or reasons for giving up. Give all you can give and there is no more. Let those thoughts be positive and what you truly want, in order that the actions you truly want proceed them.

~ * ~

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

The current way to say this:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

~ * ~

What do you believe? What are you resigned to?

If you believe you can be ALL you can be, then you can. You can. You WILL.

These are lessons my Dad taught me…Still, it’s an ongoing learning experience, this life, isn’t it? Sometimes, I’ve had to re-learn or strive to apply this to all areas of life AND remember to apply it to myself, and not just “pep up” others with it…because then it just gets…trite, cliché.

Make it happen.
Will it.
Do it.

Hand in that resignation of negativity smile


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* The MacArthur Study (also, Successful Aging, by the authors, John Wallis Md Rowe and Robert L. Kahn)

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