How I get My Purple On…

But first! A “What Is It?” Segment 😀

Here we goooo…

Eeoow! Scales



Hm, a long fella…


Ohhh…but? No. Yes. Well…the colo —


Ah HA!


Yes, yes!




Purple Asparagas! And, yes, that is the  real color! I was lucky enough to get 3 bunches of these — hands down, the most delicious asparagus I have ever tasted. I don’t know why, perhaps since it’s been so long –since I’ve had them. My first time having purple; it won’t be my last…I hope 😀   They were thicker, which is unfairly rumored, that they are inferior to thin. Not true! Flavor is all that matters. I’ve had equally delicious asparagus thick and thin. Freshness is really the key. No matter how well stored, you simply must eat them as quickly as possible. As for the above, I can only imagine they were fresh out of the ground because the flavor was fabulous.

Since I shopped with my eyes, I had 3 bunches which I could not finish at once — and who’d not want to savor these over a few days? I stored them like I usually do asparagas, with their tootsies in water, not too far up their gorgeous gams :). I put a bag over it and hoped for the best. Luckily, no loss of flavor was detectable over the next two days — Excellent :D.  I imagine it was primarily the freshness of the asparagus to begin with, then the proper storing.


I eat asparagus raw, mostly, chopped up in my salads. Cooking away that gorgeous color and (some) nutrients just makes my head hurt 🙂  And, of course freezing is out of the question, unless I wanted to add them to a dip at some point.


Best freezing method for asparagus, by the way, is to blanch first. That is the best shot you have at keeping somewhat of a texture other than soggy — or, eooww, slimy. No. No, asparagus should be eaten fresh and raw, I declare!

Next up…



The purple orbs have landed!



Probably pretty obvious by now…



Yep, purple kohlrabi!

I learned something new last week when I found these: Springtime kohlrabi (very fresh) has a thinner skin that’s edible! Most of the time, it’s best to peel the (very) fibrous outer skin. It’s like that very tough part of broccoli stalks; you have to cut some off to get to the soft part inside. But these fresh, thinner skinned ‘rabis are Sooo good! It is definitely fibrous, though, and oh-so filling. I don’t mind getting that extra purple in me.

Slice through a bulb and it’s light-fleshed:



I love how there is always green somewhere in colored foods 😀 ‘Tis the source of all that is good 😀

Here is the butt end which was actually too fibrous, so I had to cut it. You can see the fibrous part still underneath..


Kohlrabi should be sweet and somewhat juicy. It’s most like jicama. If it’s not sweetish, it’s not a really good kohlrabi so don’t totally give up on them! Find a good one and you’ll love them! They can be as sweet as or more than beets, but less heavy, less syrupy than beets and carrots. Beets and carrots are more like a nectar type juice (to me). Kohlrabi is more crispy, clean, and light and refreshing. So great for cool Spring and Summer meals. It goes fantastic in cooked/raw savory or sweet dishes, too. I love it in bean salads and slaws. It’s cruciferous, so you’re getting loads of goodies, plus with the purple, you’re getting those Anthocyanidins!

I like to chop into matchsticks and add to my salads


I love being able to eat the skin!

And best of all is being able to eat the cruciferous leaves of kohlrabi!


Mmm…blackberries. They star regularly (well, when available) in my Green Juicie Green smoothies and are featured in my cultured veggies too!


Purple Cabbage, I eat every day. It’s so sweet and crunchy


Even radishes come in purple…They seem to be less “hot” to me…


I have also  been getting lots of royal goodness from cauliflower lately (an older pic)


Blueberries seem to taste best around this time, at least here 🙂



Purple Mustards, nice and spicy…



Purple Curly Kale!



Other Purpley Stuff:

So far, no purple carrots :D. Would love to try those.

Purple Bells are pretty 🙂 Geez, almost black!

Oh, and tomatoes too! Oh I must resist launching into tomato porn! Oh, how I love thee, to-mah-toes!

Oh, I did use purple potatoes back when I ate them. They didn’t taste any different…thought that was my old taste buds. Not sure how they’d taste now 🙂 Check out the gorgeous color variety of potatoes!Until recently I thought “blue” and “purple” potatoes were the same.

I do like purple corn, but haven’t been incorporating it into my diet  in any consistent way…need to look into using it more 🙂

Eggplant, of course, has a great purple color; and their are varieties with various sizes and shades of purple. Kenny explains 🙂

Plums! A great summer stone fruit. These also come in a variety of colors. I can’t say which is sweetest…I’ve had super-sweet ones of all colors. I do think maybe it just depends on how ripe it was at the time of cutting ??

Grapes! I used to grow them. Love green and red grapes, but wow, the purple concords are crazy tasty. I don’t see them often, but grab ’em when I do! The sweeter ones seem to be champagne grapes; I find the white Muscat grapes I’ve purchased at the farmers market here to be the sweetest I’ve ever tasted. I see black grapes sometimes and can’t resist that alluring silky ebony glow!

Purple Onions or Red Onions – I saw these on a list of  “purple foods” once; though I’m not sure if it belongs there or with “red foods.” I do have these often and like them especially  in my salads when not too harsh, that is 🙂

Purple Peas!

Purple Beans too. These I’ve had. They taste like regular green beans 🙂

And, probably the Food of gods…FIGS! Oh, the ecstasy … oh, the divine taste — no, the experience — of the perfect fig…Drooling doesn’t quite do it justice :D.

How remiss can I be, having no pictures of figs! Well, all I do have is an old picture of sushi for fruitarians 😉 (Yes, I was a fruitarian at one time too!)


I’m waiting for a purple apple to make its debut; I imagine it to be very rich, but not sickeningly sweet. Maybe thick and syrupy 🙂

Not sure if this qualifies…the beautiful watermelon radish which has eluded me for too long now! It is the most delicious radish I’ve ever tasted. I hope to see it again one day…

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~ *** ~

So what other purple foods are there? I’m sure I’m forgetting some! How do you get your purple on? 😉

Pick up some fresh asparagus while they’re at their peak — and whatever other purple goodies you find — that’s now, by the way. Green is still king; but try some purple fruits and veggies and add to your rainbow!

*Click pic* for my Somethin’ Good Asparagus stream 😉 _ Photobucket discontinued this service 😦 So my stream was deleted.


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