April 14

Got my new hooks and needles from! Love these — for the price? Heck yea. The needles are not “top of the line,” however, they are NOT low quality/cheapy. The cable, though…I’m very impressed. It is actually one of the —  if not the  — best I’ve tried. Not cooked noodle-like, like Kollage soft cables; but not stiff and hard. These are al dente! Love ’em. Got various sizes as well.

Same for the Tunisian hooks with cables; they call them “dangle hooks”: They use the same material.

Love the double ended, thank you, God!  STILL cannot find hooks in the smaller range (A, B); and this C is the smallest I’ve found. It’s fantastic, even if not ideal in length. Preferably, a 6-inch or so would be perfect. These come in 10-inch, which is actually not as bad as I thought. They are very comfortable to crochet with, so the length is actually not a problem. Still… ;^)

Will post pictures with commentary soon. Very happy with both the hooks, needles and various cables. Love the metal cables, even !!

…to be continued.


STITCHberry (12) STITCHberry (13) STITCHberry (14) STITCHberry (15) STITCHberry (16) STITCHberry (19) stitchberry- metal cable needle (2) stitchberry- metal cable needle (5)



Kninky cables? some like to dip in boiling water. I prefer to iron mine. Use a pressing cloth so as not to melt.

Before and after pics!

cables_ironed cables_ironed (4) cables_ironed (5) iron_needle-cable_#4-addi iron_needle-cable_#4-addi (7) straighten needle cables, cords (7)cables_ironed (8)Pony Pearls

pearl_ - Copy Pearls needles, plastic. fka bryson (2) - Copypearl_ - Copy

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