No Salt Seasoning…


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No-salt flavorings, powders, blends are really  hard to find — actually, GOOD ones are hard to find! Making your own, to your own tastes, suitable for various dishes is also good, but, for me can be difficult to make up on my own, as I go…it takes some experimenting with each flavor addition to get exactly the right amount of this or that. Accomplishing that for any one dish is challenging, but very rewarding (as long as you write it down!!)




A general all-purpose seasoning is probably harder. But I really find it invaluable because it can boost an already, specifically spiced dish and it can stand alone as a broth or stock

SO, all that to say, I’ve been recently using McCormick’s Perfect Pinch, Salt-Free Original, All Purpose Seasoning.

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You can see it is not ground so I prefer to use it cooked; but, it can certainly be worked into raw dishes :^) It makes a really good,  basic, vegetable broth/stock; and isn’t so specific in one flavor to make it prohibitive to almost any style food you are preparing — sort of a chameleon base broth :^).

It lends itself to long-cooking, as well as quick cooked or short, simmered dishes,too, which is really nice! Only one drawback — it’s not organic. But I can deal with that for now; my diet is pretty much organic (as organic as I can get it!)  Maybe fooling with the ingredients listed on the label, I can fanagle my own version…

McCormick’s Perfect Pinch Original, All Purpose, Salt-Free Seasoning is available in most supermarkets. I’m in Southern California, but I suppose most generic super-markets are the same.

A few of my favorite veggies for flavoring my broths or cooking foods in include, onions, garlic, celery, green bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms (all kinds!). I will add other veggies, such as starches — I like parsnips, potatoes; corn — which add texture(s) and flavor, but I limit starches.

I like spices and herbs too, especially, chiles and/or their powders; cumin; coriander; allspice; marjoram; epazote. I like fresh oregano and basil when they fit; tomato powder; a touch of nutritional yeast.

Mustard is appropriate if a bit of tang+flavor bomb is wanted! I like Westbrae Naturals Stone Ground, No Salt Added Mustard. Or, make your own!

What are your favorite veggies for broth or no-salt seasonings?

Strix :^)


From the Mouths of Babes…

What Is It?

Okay, so what is it?

Ahh, beautiful and sun-like!


Bathe in the beauty…


Ack! What the..??



Reminds me of that great Twilight Zone episode, no?

Hm…kinda wormy…




*long litter fellers…

She breaches!!


Oh. No, guess not …



*They are multiplYING……….





Okay, you probably have it now, right? 🙂


Ah, the turmeric! Fresh — there’s nothin’ like it!


That is the real color, yes it is! No photoshoppery  needed 😉


*I ould just look at the stuff all day and feel brighter! 😀

Slice it…it freezes well, too…


Chop it up!



use it in cultured veggies — oooooh 😉 (Teach Me, Alice 😉

Dehydrate it….


Ground it…


*Make mustard! 😉 Nothin’ like custom made mustard — no salt necessary!



*Basically, use it to flavor any dish. Of course, your Indian or curry flavored dishes will taste that much better with fresh turmeric!

It boasts some benefits, but has cautions, too. (Always do research if you have a condition, are taking medications before consuming a new herb; consult your doctor.)


whew! Reveling in rhizomes is tiring stuff. So…how about a cuppa? Cup of turmeric tea, that is 😀



Turmeric Tea

2  cups water
1 tsp fresh grated ginger, (or galangal 😉 ) Or more to taste – I like more (or 1/2 teaspoon fresh, powdered)
1 tsp fresh grated turmeric or juice (or 1/2 teaspoon fresh powdered turmeric)
Stevia, to taste (or 1 tablespoon sweetener of choice)
Juice of 1/2 lemon (or lime, other citrus; etc.)

For fresh, bring water to a boil, pour over fresh rhizomes and steep 10-15 minutes or to taste. Strain. Add Lemon and sweetener.

For dried, bring water to a boil, then add powdered herbs. Simmer for 10 minutes.
Strain  and sweetener and citrus to taste.


And, of course, we all know…


*Uh, just gorgeous, no?


Very fresh or young ginger is often referred to as blue ginger or Thai ginger. Too many names! Galangal is also  “blue ginger.”

If you happen across these rhizomes, try them!  😀


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Tangerine-Macadamia Dressing…


Good stuff. Been a while since I’ve actually prepared an official recipe :). This one’s been on the back burner ever since I saw it. I really don’t like sweet-fruit + nuts dressings, but this turned out nice.  While preparing this ideas of wild experimentation were shooting like fireworks through my brain…ha! I guess, food cravings go away with Eat To Live, but that experimental little bugger stays buried till something coaxes it from its slumber 😉 You could *easily* stretch this by adding more liquid or vegetables to make more volume and lower the fat/calories per serving; just be sure to adjust the flavors.
Didn’t have tangerines, but imagine it would be excellent with them, blood oranges or clementines –oh, my darlin,’ yes 😉 Good oranges will do.

I didn’t mess with it (yet), too much, though, since I wanted to give it a good try as it was meant to be; however I ETLized it along the way, of course 😉
My ETL-version of Zel Allen’s…

Tangerine Macadamia Dressing_Zel Allen

1/2 C raw, Macadamia Nuts (2 – 2 1/4 oz)
1 C chopped tangerines, about 3 OR 1 med-large (8-oz.) Juicy orange
1 TB flavored Vinegar (preferably a sweet one, like Dr. Fuhrman’s;I used coconut)* Or more to taste
2 TB Water, optional, as  needed
1TB peeled, grated fresh Ginger, or more to taste
1 small clove Garlic, or to taste

Freshly ground Black Pepper, optional, as desired

Measure your macs:


…and your orange too…


…throw in the rest…



…now you know what to do 😉


Flip that ol’ switch…

..err, don’t let a splash on your lens cause a frown…

…’cause she’ll be oh-so creamy smooth …


…that ‘ol power mixer don’t never let ya down ;)…


Transfer first 6 ingredients to your blender jug and blend on  high until creamy.

Adjust seasoning, if necessary. Blend. Taste. Add freshly milled black pepper.

Serve at once or thoroughly chilled.


Makes 1 C Dressing.
Store in a covered container in the refrigerator, Tangerine macadamia Dressing will keep for one week.  The flavor intensifies as it sits.

*Notes D Original recipe calls for seasoned rice vinegar (2 TB + 1 tsp); it is a prepared vinegar used for sushi, and it contains sugar/sweeteners and salt. We don’t need salt and sugar. I think Dr. Fuhrman’s vinegars, which are very sweet, would go very well here.
I do have some brown rice vinegar (not seasoned, though), and raw apple cider; however, I chose the great raw coconut vinegar, from Wilderness Family Naturals. Firstly, it’s very mild in its acidity; however NOT in flavor. In fact, it is very strong, in my opinion. Whenever I use it, I am careful to start with a smaller amount than I would normally use or, if I use it to sub in a recipe, I start with half. So that gives you an idea. It’s a very unique flavor –hard to describe really. Not really “coconutty,” buy highly complex. It also has a sweetness to it (naturally present sugars in coconuts with perfect electrolyte balance), so I thought it perfect for this recipe, since subbing for seasoned vinegar which has that sugar in it. The sweetness of the plain orange was actually quite sweet enough.

You can use just about any another vinegar — maybe even an orange/tangerine one, or other fruity one to complement the tangerine; perhaps even a simple citrus like freshly squeezed lemon will do — or, you can use straight Brown Rice Vinegar, which is a nice mild vinegar. If you can find it, I’d get a Kyushu —  I recommend Mitoku brand (Great Eastern Sun has an organic one I haven’t tried, but I would think is good since they produce quality products); however, Spectrum has an organic plain brown-rice one and so does EDEN, and they are both good.
Or, if you don’t mind the prepared vinegar, then Spectrum’s Seasoned Brown Rice Vinegar is great )

Like I mentioned you could — and may I suggest you DO — go wild with this recipe. I have loads of ideas already!  If you keep the fabulous basic base — orange/tangerine/citrus + Mac + Ginger — in tact and simply vary t he surrounding additions, you’ll have a wonderful easel to place your canvas ;).


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Here is Noodles in his eco-friendly hemp suit! I made these out of hemp shoe bags from ecolution! 😀

These suits are patterned with an open back (I’ll get a pic up soon). I designed this suit; my mother designed a suit which covers his back, and is nicer for chilly weather, though they are fine in warm weather, if made of cool, thin, cotton.

These came out WAY too big! They look like nightgowns ;). Ideally, I should cut them down to lighten them for him. He’s pretty strong, though, and it may be good for his bones :). If they look uncomfortable or confining, as far as I know my Noodles, they are not. He finds them a relief when the urge to pick arises. (And just to reiterate: The purpose of creating these arose from the desire — the desperate need, actually — to find some relief for Noodles. Feather picking is a horrendous condition. He wears these suits only as needed; and he is used to them.)

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This orange one is my favorite; it brings out the orange on his face :D.

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This bright green was made out of some scrap material; not too heavy, very soft, comfy, and nice for spring. This one is a bit short! :

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I ordered some organic hemp and cotton material from NearSea Naturals to make him some more suits (He’s got tons already, but…)

I have never ordered hemp (or any material without seeing/feeling it first) online and they were very kind enough to allow me to order three types of fabric in one-yard measurements! I also ordered some of their organic cotton thread — what a find!! I ordered some extra material to make myself some strainers (for nutmilks, juices, etc.)

I was getting sucked in by their lovely yarns too! Yikes! I had to stop myself from ordering; the price is really steep! I’ve been really wanting to do some of my crocheting in organic threads — like bamboo, cotton, hemp, and maybe some vegan “silk.” Vegan “silks” come in various forms, such as Peace Silk, from worms (not vegan; technically, vegetarian); then there are tons of soysilks available; and other natural fiber silks, such as banana yarn, bamboo, and corn, etc.

And then there’s recycled silk…I wonder if that is ethical? Haven’t thought about it…I believe it’s real silk…recycled…?? Hmmm, well, that’s for another post another day!

I wonder if I could pull off a crocheted suit?! Probably not. I’m actually a very poor crocheter! I’m a one-two-stitch kinda woman :(. I do mostly blankets. Oh, well…

Just a note – Personally, as a vegan, I do not approve of anthropomorphizing animals to the extent of clothing and treating them to the extreme “like humans.” Their nature’s should be respected…as far as possible anyway. It’s quite a dilemma being a vegan and living with animal companions. If I could, I’d let him fly away… Well, I could go on and on here…

Back to Noodles, his current wardrobe is that of old scrap material. I’d like to keep as ‘clean’ materials on him as possible, though. Bird skin is VERY thin. I don’t want him absorbing anything even remotely bad. That’s all he needs is ‘stuff’ irritating his skin! The fabric of his suits is not good-quality.

So I’m looking forward to sewing these new clean, eco-friendly suits! The hemp was very easy to sew. It looks like it is harsh material, but it’s not. It’s quite soft and more loose and flimsy than one would think. It’s not stiff AT ALL. I’m hoping I ordered okay! Not sure — like I said — what it’s going to be like. Of course, the purchase won’t be a waste: I can always use it for aprons, pillow cases, dish towels, etc. :).

Only thing I will miss is having a variety of color…I have to search for some naturally-dyed hemp fabrics…


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Da da-da-daaaahhh! Presenting, Noodles! :^)

Just bathed, so still a bit wet, but a bit fluffy too :D. His feathers are falling–it’s springtime shedding, you know! — so he’s showin’ some skin ;^D

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Wearing a very thin little suit I made. This one was one of the early ones I made, so a bit scraggly; the subsequent ones are much nicer! I’ll post some later :^) This is nice and cool for the warm weather we’re having. He wears it to keep from picking (Doesn’t wear them all the time; only when needed).

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More Noodle Candy to come! 🙂


Large row smiles

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