A Favorite Things Extra – October

Ah, a few of my favorite things – the best October brings:

Favorite Squash: Kabocha! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Japanese Pumpkin “Kabocha”

Pomegranates — does anything compare?

Pomegranate Arils

I’m a believer that it must have been the “forbidden fruit”! 😀

Ah, the beginning of scarf weather…

Traveling Vines Scarf

I made this pattern into a scarf.

Scarves are so fun and easy breezy to create too, and something nice to do on stormy nights 🙂

This picture shows the unfinished scarf. It is a really nice pattern available for free at the same site An incredibly generous woman, with the most gorgeous scarf patterns for free…I’m intent on working through them!

The Asherton Scarf, it’s reversible too!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Yay 😀 Don’t front — you know you look forward to it, too 😛 My favorite Autumn tv special 😀

As an aside, watching something like this, which brings back good memories and feelings and emotions…this is an exaple of something to do that is “comforting”; we should do similar things rather than reaching for food — good or bad foods — and there are SO many other ways to soothe ourselves or so-called, “treat” ourselves..UGH… I’ll stop there as I feel a preachin’ comin’ on 😉

Wow, too much fab produce to remember!

O, lordy…speaking of compare, does anything  to…


Persimmons? Nothing like them, right?

Nice Autumnal combo:

Raw Pearsimmon Pie

A fresh, seasonal pie, made easy in small portions using the small pie plates. Pears + persimmons…Yum

so much to do with these babies — leathers; pies; puddings; cultured veggies! Everything! Of course, smoothies.. And straight? Oh, yeaaaaaaaah!

There are 2 types  most often found in stores —  Hachiya and Fuyu — however, one may be lucky to find other types at farmers markets– both are outrageously yummy. I’d love to try a chocolate persimmon! :O Purported to be sweeter with chocolate notes (I’ve read they taste like chocolate mousse)  without that bit of astringency in some persimmons —  more like the fuyus.

Raw persimmon pie — can’t remember if this was a persimmon-pumpkin combo…Old pic!

If you love persimmons, by the way, try some Hoshigaki Persimmons.Even though you may not be able to have the pleasure of Hoshigakis  😉 , you can dehydrate your own, too–

Dried Persimmon

— okay, sorry, this wasn’t supposed to turn into persimmon entry. Hm, but good idea for a future post!

Favorite Fall cup 😀

Don’t you have favorite utencils, or am I the only weird one?! I have favorite bowls, cups…forks! Hee hee.


The cold, sunny, weather here in SoCal

The trees! Oh, such beautiful leaves, even though we don’t get the variety of colors like other states, we’ve got our own kinda gorgeous 🙂


Apples galore…

~ ***  ~

Halloweenie Stuff

Jacks! Using a fresh, ornamental pumpkin, I enjoy carving!

Favorite safer way to light my pumpkins…

Lights instead of candles. This is a large one, and can be used for lighting other decorations


These are great, especially, if you find using the traditional candles a bit dangerous in a particular situation or place you may be putting your pumpkins.

Battery operated, these can illuminate your gourd in various colors, and there is even a multi-colored option which switches colors with a speed variable too! Disco Jack 😉



I also like these little candle ones; some flicker and look more like you’ve got a candle goin’…

Best for small items or as an alternative to or where you’d use tealights. Very Cute! Inexpensive, and since you don’t use them for too long, they can be used for all the forthcoming holidays. I’ve had mine a few years.

Favorite sweet to give out on the frightful night –Trader Joe’s fruit leather…


List of ingredients:

Tj’s fruit leather label ingredients. Not too-too bad


Probably not the fave of trick-or-treaters, but, better than nothin’. Plus, I’m NOT giving out junk!

So much more but that’s all I can do at the moment!

Happy Halloween, and DO take advantage of the gifts this planet offers this glorious season!


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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Whether the dog bites, or the bee stings, or not feeling sa-a-ad! :^)

Not really a products review, but, you know how you just randomly remember things you like, but forget about it a minute later? Well, these are the things I like that I recall here-and-there.

Okay, so, as I remember them, I’ll just post random stuff I like, no rhyme or reason, can be anything at all that I happen to recall at the time.

This begins a new category of “Favorite Things”…

Here are a few…

Fave Probiotic – Tonix -Love this stuff. Sadly, only we  locals are so lucky.

Can’t-do-without fave Running socks (see their  ex-celerator socks – would be great for diabetics too!)

VOSS Water – Best ever, hands down

My review of the AquaSana water still stands. And, if pressed, I’ll still buy the Smart Water before any other of the plastic-bottled waters, as I mention in that post. Considering the outrageous price of buying water — (isn’t it pathetic…BUYING water?! How absurd that clean water is not a given. Ugh X2) — and the glass costing more to boot, it’s just another reason to be happy to be an ETLer, since we don’t need to drink a well a day, getting most of what we need through eating the most nutritious foods available, with all their natural “juice” (water) intact. So I (we) don’t need to buy water much, if at all.

I’ve saved a lot of money, let me tell you: I used to buy ridiculous amounts because I bought into the conventional advice of drinking loads constantly, throughout the day. Did I  mention what a relief not to be running to the lavatory every 20 minutes? Or having to lay out plans according to where all the restrooms will be??! Just another area, eating properly changes and frees your mindset; (and can ultimately be a less expensive way of life).

But, VOSS is my first choice, and definitely the top of the line in my book.

Blue Light Special! The lights have various uses; and some important benefits. Great product!…and conveniently, small, lightweight. Great for taking with, or keeping, fairly inconspicuous on one’s desk. If you have an issue with the blue light, or prefer the traditional white light, it is available as well.

Featured Product and  little sprouting fave …

Well, it’s a tough call, naming my absolute favorite nut, but, I think pistachios edge out pecans by a nostril ;’)

An outstanding nutritional profile, one cannot overlook the powerhouse that is the pistachio! And, to top it all, it’s GReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeN!


Aside from crackin’ my own and sprouting, my favorite packaged nuts and seeds source would have to be these de*licious pre-sprouted nuts and seeds!

Some folks who cannot tolerate/digest well nuts and seeds find they can if sprouted (same with beans, by the way — sprout before cooking). If too fussy for you, then pre-sprouted is the way to go.

Blue Mountain Organic’s, “Better Than Roasted, Totally RAW Nuts,” offers sprouted nuts and seeds of the usual suspects, and some not so usual……

Raw, sprouted Pine Nuts…

Pinons are great! And how often do you find them sprouted?!!

Totally Nuts even has pecans, which is a real find

I notice the increased flavor that sprouting offers with these bigtime, especially the sunflower seed-pumpkin mix — Wow, big flavor.


Covenient and delish.

Listen here about nutritional excellence (and how important fat is — that is, nutritious, essential fats — to our diet) and why it’s different from what you *think* you know.

Until next time…

Strix ;^)

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Running Tips…

Breathe: in through nose, out through the mouth (the entire run)

Abs *tight* (Yep, throughout the entire run)

Change gait

Concentrate, but be aware of surroundings

Consider fartleks

Eat well to run well

Supportive bra; exchanging on a regular basis (before becoming worn) — same for shoes

Consider body hugging undertops and shorts; never tight

Lace up firmly

Snug, good, comfy socks!


Use the restroom right before you leave

ALWAYS – sunblock and sunscreen – rain or shine (don’t forget neck and  behind ears)

Give it all you got; don’t waste your time: This is it; this is where you get in shape — keep that in mind.

Mind the weather; dress accordingly

Good pair of running glasseswith UVA and UVB protection

Shoulders relaxed; arms up and in

When you see a loose dog, stop running and take it down to a walk, moving to the other side of street, if can; hopefully you can do this before it sees you. Avoid areas where loose dogs are encountered.


Assume: Always assume you have not been seen, and run defensively. Mind driveways, blind corners, and intersections, again, you have not been seen, even if in full view, even if you have the “green light.”

Run against traffic when no sidewalks; better chance you will be seen though not a guarantee which segues to the next tip…

Make eye contact with motorists!

…Get a good night’s

Keep an ear out as well as an eye (or two 😉 ); use all your senses.

Mind various surfaces, and run accordingly, carefully maneuvering gravel, hidden holes, wet areas.

Stretch after your run

Carry identification; pepper spray; house and vehicle keys, and…

Do NOT forget…


…your phone!

If  “too tired,” remember that it is, indeed, rare  to ever regret having worked out 😉

Well Done! Give yourself some praise, you’re a star


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Here, is an animation “how to” (is it just me or is it a little creepy?!)

I actually enjoy these type of exercises for how they make my eyes feel when I’m done. It’s like scratching an itch 😀

If the internet is any indication, benefiting from eye exercising is a “myth”: Page on eye myths; here is another debunking one with most of the same info. Not sure I’m on board with it all: Exercise for all body parts seems a no-brainer to me, but, what do I know? ;’)

However, this report claims that there is some benefit, even if exercise doesn’t “cure” or reverse any illness.

Ever heard of the pinhole glasses? No science behind those.

I don’t  likey conflicting info: It means I have to actually make a determination all on my own –imagine!! 😉

According to the debunkers, carrots don’t help eyes; However…

My BELOVED GREEN leafies do 😉 I’m shocked, right?

The wonderous watercress, a cruciferous kaleidescope of nutrients

(Is there anything green leafies can’t do?! Truly, the only real super food! Hip, hip, hooray for GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENS!!!)

OF COURSE nutrition is essential. I have found getting the healthy fats to be especially important. Currently, I’m consuming plant fat from land and the sea

One thing is for sure, resting the  eyes has real advantages. Ever just close your eyes for a few minutes? Or even 1 measly minute? Serious soothing, right? I don’t  need a report or evidence to establish it.

Personally, I think one can go too far with  needing “facts” for every thing. Some things are inexplicable, some things are “known” to us, based on intangibles. They are real, and, sometimes these often dismissed bits of knowledge are proved true…eventually. Not to say there is not foolery or quack claims out there (Wow, is there ever!) or misinterpretations; just that we can gauge what is “true” often on our own, based on our experiences. Not that that means it’s right, either, haha. Well, anyone git me? Am I ramblin’ again, or am I making sense to anyone out there?

If eyesercise is not for you, try closing your eyes during the day, you’ll see ;^) Rest is an essential part of health, afterall.

I do a lot of needle work, including hand sewing small items, and sharp eyes are essential. This type of activity, alone, may not be a “problem”; however, with computers, television, video games, movie theatres, etc., I think all of our eyes are under unusual amounts of strain. This bit of resting is really soothing and helps a lot.

My last eye check up was great again; I can only attribute this to the nutritionally excellent dietary protocol I live — Eat To Live.  The ophthalmologist told me, despite my insistence that I’m having some blurring, that my eyes are full-on healthy! She told me my blurring is from all the eye strain from all the detail type stuff I do, loads of reading, (plus computer, etc.); no surprise this blurring is prevalent at the end of the day.

One interesting thing she said, when I asked if I should get some  glasses for use when hand sewing, etc.: She said I could, if I wanted, but it’s unnecessary, and that the more I use the glasses, the more my eyes/vision become/s dependent on them. Hm..interesting, right? I was surprised at this; I thought that was one of those exaggerated claims made by those whacky raw foodists I hang with :D. She even said, I could just pick up a pair of those cheap grocery store glasses! Very strange.

Running sunglasses

Another mystifying claim she made was that one should not let ANY sunlight into the eyes. When I pressed her with specifics, she was adamant. I asked about indirect sunlight, which is good for the essential Vitamin D production as well as mood balancing.– nope, ANY sun into the eyes, direct or indirect is to be avoided at all costs. Vitamin D, she informed me, can very well be absorbed through the skin and through supplementaion, which, of course is fairly common knowledge. She went on to say that one must wear sunglasses whenever outside, rain or shine, bright or gray. Interesting. Perhaps it is because of today’s increasingly unhealthful atmosphere ??

I’m a little wary about the absolute nature of her cautions; I’ve been getting indirect sunlight into my eyes and direct onto my skin since directed by Dr. Fuhrman that, in small amounts, for appropriate times, that this is a healthful practice. Now I’m wonderin’! Maybe the sun isn’t the god it used to be.


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I Am An Orange!


What an excellent, *simple* metaphor. It can be tough — really tough to face this.

Whatever comes out of you is in you, period.

It’s so easy to blame things, persons, situations, etc. outside ourselves.  Those things only serve to bring out what is already there. Many believe those “irriatators” are there because we need them —  they come because we need them, to teach us something. Key, is to actually learn from them and not repeat! Okay? 🙂 Haha.

But what a case for responsibility! I definitely need to work on this, myself. Even as we know we hold responsibility for what we do (in the present) , it’s still very easy to slip back into blame and shifting of responsibility, which, of course, leads to excuses. Lots and lots of excuses; “reasons.”

Who or worse, What do I blame?

Most important for me to remember is how I react. I can’t control how others act.

Interesting how he says he doesn’t know “how it gets in there…” But, I think, sometimes, that’s what needs to be faced and found.

Change what’s in AND what’s  going in if I don’t like what’s coming out.

And  I do want to die happy, remember?

Hey, No excuses!  I am an orange!  I contain only sweet, ripe 100% juice!  😀


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Barely There, Invisible Look, Wirefree Bra

Barely There, "Invisible Look, Wirefree Bra"

The claims that bras are not healthful for women have been around for ages. Whether you subscribe or not, the points are compelling and worthy of, at least, thoughtful consideration. Personally, I go back and forth on this one — have for years now.

Upon first hearing about it, it makes sense; however, the “science” is not so firmly behind it. On the other foot, “science” has never been all that reliable when it comes to women’s issues — recall that menstrual issues were “in our heads,” and We were, of course, simply (or “simple”) “hysterical.” (Is there a word more sexist than “hysterical”?) Weaker and all.

I do not now, nor have I ever had my faith based in science; it is just as fallible as any other “opinion,” in my opinion ;). Subject to continuous change. Yes. And it does, does it not?

I go with my experience first.  “Guts” maybe or “intution” is a far more reliable barometer for me. Which does not in any way negate someone else’s experience and truth, even as it is in direct contrast or opposition to my own.

So all this to say, I do believe there is something unhealthful about bras — and certainly, ill-fitting, poorly designed bras. Still, we are conditioned to them, yes? I mean, not just in terms of society and what’s “appropriate”; but, really, to comfort. I hate to say it, but there is a measure of comfort to wearing them; as there is to not :).

I imagine this comfort is more than physical, though; and perhaps borne of conditioning for acceptance, socially and culturally. Too bad, really; I hate being the product of such. But, there it is.

So far as the charges about bras suffocating the lymph nodes, I interpret this as a feeling I get occasionally of mild anxiety: it translates into me feeling like “I ‘must’ get this bra off, now,” and gives a mental/emotional feeling of being sufffocated/smothered — very uncomfortable. As well, the feeling is physical — one of confinement and suffocation, as if in a straightjacket (not that bad, of course, but you get me, right?) This happens a bit more often now than it did in my 20’s; however, it’s not something chronic. Both those sensations together produce an anxiousness unlike any other in my experience. Not sure I’m making sense, here — anyone relate?

Lately, I’ve taken to not wearing a bra much at all at home — and, in fact, out as well (for shame! Never would I have done this when a foolish “child” 🙂 ) In the past, I never-ever-ever went the day braless! Only to sleep, really. Oh, lordy, I recall my mother wearing a sleeping bra, haha. Product of the ’50’s, for sure, was/is Ma :D. On the other foot, I see the value in such bras: one, they are generally not confining or uncomfortable; two, they can keep things within a safe area :); three, for large-breasted women, they can offer great relief. My mother falls into the last category, as well as being a proper 1950’s product :). I can relate to bras and comfort on this level: I also do not liking bouncing around and falling out of clothes; so wearing a bra is not completely a “bad” concept, to me.

Still, I am feeling increasingly more comfortable without than with — is this just “getting older”? Hmmm. Or, perhaps, generally “becoming more comfortable with my body”? That’s a possibility, as I’ve experienced that growth in stages — exercise, for example shot me to a new level of body consciousness AND confidence — oh.Yeah. CONFIDENCE. Is there anything more wonderful than climbing the ladder of confidence? 😀 Not sure the bra/braless thang is confidence, though…haha.

I read once that wearing a bra — in contrast to what they are supposed to do — serves to promote, not just poor breast health, but also sagging. Sounded strange, but, the explanation was something about the tightening and un-naturally “lifting,” “separating,” and general manipulating into un-natural positions, etc., and then releasing, which is much more of a jarring to the tissues than going all day on regular errands and daily life without one. Interesting. Can’t recall where I read that. I’m sure it’s online somewhere.

For the past several years, now, I have been wearing exclusively NON-wire bras — seriously, it must have been a misogynist who designed the oh-so-fabulous “underwire bras” we so desperately need (male or female, doesn’t matter, they hated Womyn!) They are truly objects of torture. Now, I have no problemo believing THOSE are bad for health.

Some claims go so far as to state a correlation with breast cancers. To be honest, it’s not within the realm of UNreason to think so. I certainly would not be surprised one iota if they contribute.

One bra (pic above) I like right now is this one. I have a few :). No wires. I’m not into too-too much “support” bras as that indicates confinement and too much squishy-squish. (In f act, I LOVE Barely There under garments, in general; the under pants they offer are so comfortable, when I shop for them, I end up bringing home a huge bagful. I’ve got, I think, all styles!) I like being held in place but not armor! I save the armor for running (best *ever* running bra) 😉

So, of course, I will always wear a bra for running! Not sure it actually goes to health, though; but it certainly appeals to my sense of aesthetics — so, yes, I am a product of, a slave, even 😉 to, yes, SOME culturally imposed norms, to my chagrin, though it may be. So slap me 😉

Like I said, I could talk bra for ever, 😀 Any thoughts to share?


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Looks Can Be Deceiving…


OR, How to pick a proper pineapple, pleasing, pretty, perfectly prickly  per prudent people’s passion for produce. dancing_pineapple2

Firstly, I disregard looks. The above doesn’t look too yummy or eye-catching; however, other indications tell a different story.



I always smell my fruit! Well, most fruit. Pineapple should smell so good you can taste it. If it has a musty smell or funny edge to the smell, it’s most likely fermenting already, having been picked too long ago. Take a whiff at the bottom of the pineapple; not the top or sides. It should smell fresh.

The bottom:


The yellowing on the bottom sides is a good sign; the mold on the core is not! However, this is not a rotten pineapple! There is not a lot of mold. It has been sitting too long, sure; but the other signs are good, so it’s not enough to reject it.

The top:


Again, not too attractive! The center leaves aren’t too bad. One test that hasn’t failed me yet is the pulling method: If you can very easily pull the very center leaves from the ‘napple, it’s bank. There should be little to no resistance. That’s an indication it was picked while ripe. The above is an older pineapple; but it may have been refrigerated and that’s why it’s still fresh inside. But being able to pull easily is not the sole indication of an optimal pineapple; so a rotten one can have easy to pull leaves, for example.

Weight: Most fruits are best picked with this in mind — melons and citrus, especially. If they are heavy, they contain lots of juice. So heavy = good.

Mold and Spotting: Obviously, mold is not good; however, the other signs on the above pineapple were. Had it soft spots, which is a deal breaker, or other signs of rotting, or mold on the body, I’d have rejected it. If it is soft and you can press into it with a little squeeze, it’s not good.

Color: Color is no indication of ripeness! It seems, looking at that pineapple, it was picked while not yet ripened, then started to rot –not true.  A pineapple can be utterly delicious and perfect and solid green! I’ve purchased gorgeous golden pineapples with fresh green leaves and they were so sour, they were inedible!
Hmph. And not a peppy pineapple picker was I, let me tell you …for the price of pineapples produces pernicious pickers prompt to purloin!

Size: Doesn’t matter. Big or small, they can vary in taste.

This pineapple needs to be refrigerated, ASAP. Pineapples do not ripen after being harvested; they should have been ripe when picked.  You can leave out a ripe one a few days and it will be fine; but use, fridge, or freeze it soon.

But, it’s all a mystery until you get it home…

Slice it and…



pineapple_chunks-5*Perfect* Pineapple!

Lots of things don’t look so great on the outside…but isn’t it what’s inside that matters? 😉

Pineapple freezes very wellPhotobucket


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