These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Silky Araucania Ruca Yarn

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“Raindrops on windows and whispers from willows

Shepherds of sea life from great whales to minnows

silver white tea leaves sun-kissed into greens

These are a few of my favorite things!”

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Okay, been a while since my last “Favorite Things” post…ya think? 😕 But here we go…

So, my favorite tea greens are ground up into Matcha, as I’ve mentioned; my favorite being Matcha from Mountain Rose Herbs which consistently offers superior quality for fantastic prices. You’ll not find that quality matcha for less.


A Touch of Evil 😀 (just a touch 😉 )

Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin Powder, from Natural Zing

Now, I normally do not recommend sweeteners aside from fresh fruits,and, really, it shouldn’t be needed much at all on a  NDE Diet. But, occasionally, when needed, I like to go as natural as is good —  this is my favorite:  One of the ever increasingly popular type of  inulins being used as sweetners; specifically, my favorite is Artichoke Inulin. (The most popular, well-known, and the “original” is chicory inulin*) This is not the  artichoke flower which may come to mind, but a different root veg called Jerusalem Artichoke,  also known as sunchoke. These were a “What Is It?” featured here on BeStrixed.

Artichoke inulin is available from a few sources; I get mine from Natural Zing — another “Favorites” places! Lots of raw-foodie good stuffs 😀

By the way, fresh sunchokes, aka Jerusalem artichokes are great mashed and combined with cauliflower to make faux mashed potatoes! Delicious veggie!

I first tried inulin in chicory form, many years ago before I was an NDE, and, while it didn’t taste bad, it was not sweet enough for me, nor for the recipes I was making at the time. Whew! Glad those hyper-sweet days are long gone! Still it is much better than the alternatives such as Splenda, and saccharins out there, so if the artichoke is not available for you, the chicory may be one to try.

I have always liked stevia (combined with erythritol,which I also recommend – no laxative/gas/bloating effect; and better for some applications); however, Dr. Greger has recommended what is a safe amount of stevia, so bear that in mind (But also, pure unprocessed stevia seems to  have no problems**)One thing to remember, though, is that stevia doesn’t require large amounts anyway. I used to find erythritol in small independent vitamin shops (if lucky) or online in few places; it’s now everywhere. Again, sweeteners should not be used in large amounts in a Nutrient Dense Diet; but, I use it for the occasional beverage, for example, and moreso for guests dishes and desserts.  I’ve used it for Thousand Island dressing as well.

I really don’t like date sugar unless it is for a brown sugar substitute, for which it is perfect( See my No-Grains Granola, and my Essene breads/Manna/Raw/Ezekiel, etc.)Plus, way too much sugar, way too many calories, and…

…very grainy makes it less than ideal: See here what happens when you sift date sugar

Big difference!  Oh, and …

always check the label to see if it’s 100% dates…Yikes!Oat flour! And Wheat!


…You know there’s always one ;^)  On the plus side, fresh dates are very nutritious and don’t have to be excommunicated from your Eat To Live relig — uh, I mean, menu! ;^) ) Occasionally, they are fine. See my Butterscotch Pudding” recipe 😉

Luo Han Guo, pure,  is another sort of brown-sugar-ish flavor sweetener with a fruity-ish twist; I don’t like it, really. It’s got its own unique flavor which makes it use very limited. It can be found in combinations (with one of the sugar alcohols, for example),which improves it immensely; some being better than others. Basically fruit and, GRAS, it doesn’t seem to be bad; however, there are always critics.

As an aside, D mannose, commonly used to treat bladder infections, is sometimes found in sweeteners. It is also a “simple sugar molecule.”

Many other sweeteners out there, but I don’t or didn’t intend this to be a review of all faux sweeteners! 🙂


–> Back to the Artichoke Inulin — 😉


I’d say, it’s about 70% as sweet as the same amount of sugar; HOWEVER, I must caution that my sweet sense is really heightened compared to the taste buds of someone consuming sugar at a standard rate. I haven’t had sugar in over 8 years; so, it probably would not be a choice of the average American-style-diet consumer. In fact, I know it wouldn’t. A standard diet eater may think this is maybe 40- to 50% as sweet as regular sugar.

It’s actually delicious.


Unlike all fake sweeteners, Jerusalem artichoke inulin has some nutritive value. Even the erythritol I mentioned is harmless, but it’s not nutritious — not by a long shot.

Healthful; pre-biotic;  It is white-ish; dissolves well (though best in warm to hot) and clear; has no aftertaste; no strange flavors or bitterness whatsoever; very “clean” taste; measures more like sugar; has an emulsifying ability, adding smoothness/creaminess, slight thickening; NO graininess at all, it’s powdered, but not dusty; goes with well with any type of recipe.


is the price 😦 . Still, if you are an NDE (Nutrient Dense Eater) who has healed from sugar addiction, then you  won’t need loads of it 😉 It does provide some calories,; though not too many, in my opinion.  Another you may like is Agave Inulin — higher calories; less expensive.

So, Artichoke Inulin —  my favorite, best recommendation for sweetening, when you must!


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“Plant yarns,  and fabrics, compassionate satins

Pleathers and faux furs, save seals brutal lashes

Bees buzzing by with nectar on their knees…

These are a few of my favorite things!”


/Cut Music   😉


Araucania Ruca is a gorgeous drapey yarn made from sugarcane — Yes, THAT sugarcane! It is a perfect substitute for silk and is often mistaken for same. Stunning, silky and soft.


There are a plethora of plant yarns and fabrics so there is no need to rob animals of their skins and hair (and then eventually kill them, no matter how “humane” you are told they are treated).

Wendy-Peter Pan 4-Ply Fingering Yarn

Really, way too many favorites, but a stand out yarn for socks is Wendy Peter Pan “Happy 4-Ply” Bamboo/Nylon blend. The reason I love-love-love this yarn is because it is a true fingering weight yarn (I can use a quintuple 0 needle  for socks). The color — as with most bamboo — is stunning. It’s machine washable; strong(!); and wears very well. Feels mighty nice, too. No drapey socks, either; the nylon holds them up well.Wish they had solids!

Hemp yarns are great for accessories; here is just one way I’ve put this strong, sturdy yarn to use –a nice pair of working gloves :^)

I love hemp fabric. One would think it’s harsh; it’s not! Try my favorite, Hemp Traders. Lots of variety. Seriously, they’ve got hemp velvet and terry cloth — suede! Love it. All kinds of blends. Great place. Great service. Great products. I’ve bought tons from them.


Purlple Aronia Berries, powdered

And since I added that link to the agave inulin, a shoutout to Z-Naturals! A definite “Favorite Things” place. The fastest service I’ve ever experienced, good-quality products and  good prices.

I have been using their superfruits in my green smoothies — Purple Aronia berries and Seabuckthorn berries (though only available in powdered form and most products are in bulk.) A few other things I’ve ordered, all fab quality. Good stuff.

But of course You All know how I adore Mountain Rose Herbs. Def at the top of my Faves list! I’ve been shopping there for years and they just get better and better. Here’s a tip, though: If you phone order, make sure to get all you need when you call because, one, they will not allow you to add anything once they put your order through (as in you cannot call back even 1 minute later and add on; nor even right after they input it while you’re ordering!); so write it all down and have ready to order if you call; two, the shipping is expensive!

“Amla”Also known as INDIAN gooseberries

I’ve mentioned lots of stuff I get from MRH, including dried fruit; Iam so glad they offer  whole, dried Amla berries . I also love-LOVE their bilberries — super yummy in my GJGS’s! Elderberries, and, of course Maqui’s are two others I buy regularly. YES, I still use fresh fruit! But why deprive myself of this bounty when it’s available?


*Chicory, by the way, is one of, if not the, original coffee substitute. The roots are roasted and ground. There are many variations of its use for coffee; so if you need one, a blend with chicory and dandelion is one you may want to try.

**That I am aware, pure stevia plant, meaning the green leaves, simply ground or used whole-leaf has no problems associated with it — if anyone knows any different, please leave let me know in the comments! The stevia most used and referred to is the highly processed and isolated white stevia powder.

More “Favorites” to come!

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Some Knitting…

My ETL fingerless gloves 😉

New gloves pics up the gallery 😀

This is a simple sweater I’m working on.

I *Love* this yarn; it’s bamboo-cotton, called “Terra” from SWTC, home to some fantastic vegan yarns — “Jasper.”

Here is another great color I bought previously; I made a hat out of this gorgeous color — “Amber”…

I have to really emphasize that pictures of this yarn do not do it justice! It’s different when you see it live. It’s also different, as you imagine, when knitted. It has a gorgeous drape without being heavy. It’s stunning yarn. It makes even the most simple patterns look much, much nicer. Not too-too expensive, but worth every cent!

Oh, and bonus: No fussy skein! There is no fooling with it trying to find the proper end, no tangling, knotting, twisting. You just start knitting. I love that; It baffles me why all yarns don’t come ready to go like these :/

The “Onyx” is one of my favorites.

Again, pics are unjust! This produces a beautiful black fabric.

I bought these from one of my favorite yarn stores, YarnMarket; My other favorite (they have fantastic sales!) is WEBS. I like Knit Picks yarns (their needles more), but they don’t have as wide a variety for vegans; but what they do have is pretty good and very inexpensive — and that’s always good 😀

I need to do a post on the vegan yarns I’ve used. The availability of good-quality AND colors, and oh, the variety — of vegan yarns nowadays is just fantastic (same for fabric). Five years ago it was fairly limited; now there are so many to choose, you won’t miss sticky ol’ animal hair (*ick*) one bit  ;^).



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Some Green Stuff…and Photo Galleries…


Matcha, goes into all my GJGS's. Too much goodness to babble on about it here. It's loaded with antioxidants and a high ORAC and that's just for starters.

~ *** ~

About the Dandelions

It’s not just a weed!

Herbalist,Jessica Godino has to say about dandies:

“Worth eating for their nutritional value alone, the greens are extraordinarily high in Vitamins A and C, potassium, and calcium. They are also high in iron, phosphorous, and the b-complex, as well as other trace minerals. Tasty both fresh and cooked, try adding a chopped handful to your salad and put some in with your other steamed greens. “… And remember- the flowers are edible too!”


All leafy greens are at the top of the food chain. It’s really odd to note how little greens are featured in recipes. When was the last time you saw greens on tv or heard them on a radio ad?


The following information is for 55 g ( 1 C ) raw dandelion greens


  • Water: 47.08 g
  • Calories: 25
  • Protein: 1.49 g
  • Carbohydrates: 5.06 g
  • Fiber: 1.9 g
  • Sugars: 2.12 g
  • Total Fat: 0.39 g
  • Saturated Fat: 0.094 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 0.008 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.168 g
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg


  • Calcium: 103 mg
  • Iron: 1.71 mg
  • Magnesium: 20 mg
  • Phosphorus: 36 mg
  • Potassium: 218 mg
  • Sodium: 42 mg
  • Zinc: 0.23 mg
  • Vitamin C: 19.3 mg
  • Thiamin: 0.105 mg
  • Riboflavin: 0.143 mg
  • Niacin: 0.443 mg
  • Pantothenic Acid: 0.046 mg
  • Vitamin B6: 0.138 mg
  • Vitamin B12: 0 mcg
  • Folate: 15 mcg
  • Vitamin A: 2712 IU
  • Vitamin E: 2.63 mg
  • Vitamin K: 150.5 mg


  • beta Carotene: 1627 mcg
  • beta Cryptoxanthin: 0 mcg
  • Lycopene: 0 mcg
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin: 3656 mcg


Nutritional data‘s info indicates that just that one cup of fresh, raw dandies supplies 10% DV calcium.
Wow! Loaded with A and C…some K…also sounds like a beauty  prescription I can afford 🙂 And with that dash of sodium, all you need is some fruit and whywould anyone need to add electrolytes??
I eat my dandelions raw and, mostly in my GJGS’s. I juice them — one of the few that go in stalk and all — and I throw them, whole, into the blender, too. I’ve not cooked them often, but they are terrific with beans. I also like that I get loads of juice out a small amount as compared to other leafy greens, and it’s all good.
Although known as a “diuretic” it’s not like most  that drain the body of electrolytes and nutrients  like coffee, for example, (and you still wouldn’t want to overdo it); but they supply the nutrients which others deplete through the diuretic process. They are used medicinally for this sometimes, for a nutritious, safer way than diuretic pills for those who need it.
Aren’t leafy greens just amazing?!
Also, dandelions are hardy looking and they grow like weeds 😉 but once picked, they seem to become delicate. Make sure are dry, store well, and use within a couple days of purchase.
Wash them leafies good ’cause dandelions tend to play in the dirt 😀
I love my calciyummy dandies. 🙂

So…best way to enjoy all the goodies, is, of course, the blended greens.

With that, my  GJGS was…Lime-alicious ! 

I drop one (or two) ;^) whole in the blender

I love limes — and not just in my GJGS’s!


Now those are the kinda roses I like receiving 😉

Stunning blackberries


Oh, that unique, unmistakable flavor.

Raspberries, what else needs to be said?


From MRH (BEST price on this superior quality of matcha you will ever find) Serious Green-ness!

A scoop of Matcha 


I'm feeling all nutrified just lookin' at 'em 😀

And my latest affair — the Mighty Maqui.


-Fresh dandelions



Delicious Dino on the menu…


Magical Mache!

Mmmm.. the wonderous Mache. Penultimate of the leafies in EFA’s superseded by the humble purslane, (aka portulaca — another so-called “weed”!) 😀

Ahh...Chia, my pet ;^)

White Chia Seeds

Yummy green goodness


Product review: Frozen Artichoke Hearts

Artichokes, are amongst the elite, according to Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat Right America Foundation’s ANDI chart. (And did you know Whole Foods Markets have adopted the ANDI system? Check it out next time you’re there. 🙂 )

Who knew eating flowers was so good for you :^)

I’d rather have organic — and fresh florets, to be honest — but  rarely find them. When I do, they are about $7 a pop — utterly ridiculous, especially since So. Cali grows acres and acres of these thistly flowers. I’ve seen them; they’re beautiful!

So how  do they taste? Well they taste as good as they look. Really great flavor.Very nice, especially for frozen! Also, while there were a few with non-edible parts (leaves) still attached, overall, this was minimal, and probably unavoidable.

They are obviously pre-cooked and the texture is such that you can eat them straight from the bag, or cook them for a bit in a recipe and still have them be just fine.

Best thing about these is…

That’s it! Just artichokes. Isn’t that nice. Oh, and the price is great too.

So how about it? Add some awesome artichokes to the green of your rainbow!  I mean, just so many, may ways to eat these when all the cleaning and prep  has been done already.

Much to do with these — salads, soups, dips, dressings, straight! One can get creative, but they sure can stand alone.

I guess that’s a thumbs Up for TJ’s artichokes. Maybe they’ll get organic someday 😉


Last week, I created a Photos section. Look over to your left and you’ll see it under “Pages.”  It’s a good way to get up my knitting, and sewing projects without having to make a post about each project — that would just never get done! So far only one slideshow is up, heh; But I’ll be uploading various galleries, such as a food pics gallery, sewing, whatever random pics. 🙂

Have a green stuff day (every day 😉 )!

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Who’s Your MAQ Daddy? :^)

If Kale is King of the Greens, Maquis are King of the Berries…at least for now. 😀  These beauties  are black as seen in this photo I took in the sunshine. I’m not sure if they are technically a black — could be a purple, I imagine.

The reigning “superfruit” du jour —  I won’t bother going into its super-awesomeness: simply Bing it for all the panacean detail you can handle. These are availble dry because like acai, mangosteen or any other superfruit, it will not survive traveling thousands of miles fresh.

Maqui is making appearances in beverages and snacks at break-neck speed, of course; but I think it would be most healthful to get them freeze-dried as fresh as possible. I rely on Mountain Rose Herbs for superior quality of whatever I can get there, and these Maquis are no  exception. They are available on some sites — mostly raw stores — and a few healthy-type food stores( like Whole Foods), may have the powdered Navitas brand in the raw-food sections.

Back to black  for a sec — Black, like purple and blue foods are available but not as abundant as reds, for example. Although “black foods” were all the rage, circa 2007, they are still gaining in newsworthiness for their high-nutrient, anti-cancer compounds. Remember black garlic? Simply fermented garlic which rendered it more nutritious (like a lot of fermented foods [such as my cultured veggies 🙂 ] ) The black foods are higher in nutrients amongst even their cousins, such as black sesames are more nutritious than the brown.

I recently had some black radishes…

and Ooh, I did not like them. Very bitter. And…

…the black was only on the outside, and the skin was very tough and, for me, inedible — at least the ones I got. I don’tknow if a different kind may have thinner/edible skin. My guess is that, the powerful “black” nutrients are contained in the skin. Of course,  the radish, itself, is a powerful cruciferous on its own.

I guess I eat my fair share of black foods — black sesame, black mushrooms, olives, berries, Nori…black beans are okay, but I haven’t eaten those in years…black vinegar, pepper… Hm, what else?

I wonder if chia seeds are considered a black food? *Love* me, my chias! 😀

Backy to the Maquis 😉

I tasted one and, hm, not really impressed. These are dry — and I mean, dry. They are not like raisins or the dethroned gojis; they are gritty and sand-like. Not too pleasant.

And, oddly, not much flavor. Part of the reason for this, I think is…

These are teeny tiny! I would say the size of juniper berries or allspice berries, or even whole black peppercorns! So to get an idea of the flavor you would have to pop a few more :).

I was also shocked that a “serving” is 1 teaspoon!

But that’s quite a few in one teaspoon.

Now, what I found really fascinating, is that, when I put it in my GJGS, the flavor was delicious!

The berries’ flavor absolutely came through. It’s definitely a distinct flavor, but sort of blueberry-blackberry-ish + concord grapes, if I had to liken it to something — nothing too foreign.

By the way, that is the only fruit (aside from lemon) I put in my GJGS in order to judge the flavor, and I still was able to taste it. Interesting! I would have to say it’s most likely the lemon I put in my GJGS’s since citrus makes flavors pop and brings out the sweetness, too. Lemon or lime goes into all my GJGS’s.

Verdict: I’m keeping these in my berries rotation 😀

Definitely a keeper!

What other black foods can you think of?

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Vitamin D-3 — VEGAN! and What Is It?


Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3, a new, vegan, whole-food source of D3. The first of its kind! I’m sure, like the DHA, there will be more jumping on the bandwagon — such as the soon to be made available, plant-based, vegan D-3, “Vitashine” — looks good.

I hope so, and I hope it gets less expensive.

However, looking at the label shows there are 5000IU in two capsules…

…so, not needing that much, the one-month, 30 servings is actually 2 month’s worth – yay! for that 😀

I don’t expect the cost to go too low, however; the mushrooms (apparently) needed for this product have always been expensive, and it’s an organic product, to boot! I wonder if just taking the mushroom supplements, which have been available for a long time now, are just as good(?). I recall Dr Weil has been recommending the “exotic” mushrooms, like those in this formula for ages; but they’ve been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. (more from Weil here, and here)

Maybe one of the many reasons mushrooms have been so helpful to people is that they were providing D3 without it being known. In that case, it may turn out to be less expensive to simply take the mushroom supps…not sure; maybe there is a special extraction from the ‘shrooms needed. From what I understand, though, mushrooms — even regular ol’ mushies — simply need to be exposed to sunshine, while they are growing, to get their Vit D, just like us. There are some fresh mushrooms being sold now with labels claiming they’ve been sun-exposed. D3 is better absorbed (from an outside source) than synthetic Vitamin D2 in most people, from what I understand. Most D3 products are animal-derived which makes it un-usable by vegans and other people who may have environmental or other issues with animal sourcing.

There is a “quality assurance” insert that comes with the supplement:

the fine print on the lower left corner reads:

Here’s the back… (click on pic for a larger, if not perfectly, clearer view)

Best test would be to get my D levels checked before I start on these to see what happens; not sure if I’ll do that* But, I’m going to keep abreast of this product to see what transpires; I am very interested in the results! It will be fantastic if it is just as effective — or even outperforms — animal-derived D3. Fingers crossed 🙂

I had a local shop order it for me; it’s such a brand-spankin’-new product that it’s not even in stores! I contacted VeganEssentials, however, and they said they will order it if they can get a contract with Nature’s Plus; so I expect it will be there soon, if they do. They are fantastic for all stuff vegan, and *very* meticulous about dubious ingredients. They are like Sherlock Holmes when questioning/investigating companies’ products. I have trusted them for years. They may be carrying one called,  Activz brand, however, this coming week.

There’s a new all-EPA supplement now available from Futurebiotics and it’s also vegan.

Awesomeness. I love that these products are now available so that all can benefit without harm to others. How often  do we engage it that?! 😀  These have no flavor, by the way. (I always crack open and taste these things 🙂 )

Here’s a looksee at the label:

I do have to admit I’m… intrigued by the source, which they say is from  “yeast.” Whatever that is – makes me a bit suspicious 😉

There are so many vegan DHA’s now too. I’ve tried a lot of them already. Of course, who knows, without lots of testing which is superior for any individual, but they all seem to be basically the same nowadays.I can at least mention the best tasting 🙂 Actually the ones with little to almost no flavor would be


which I’ve mentioned before. (Sorry for the bad pic; it’s an oldie 🙂 )

  Pure One.

Dr. Fuhrman’s, DHA Purity, which I trust more than any other, has a mild lemon-balm flavor. And Dr. Fuhrman offers the  New Harvest EPA too. There are many more good DHA’s now and it’s great to have the choices.

But these are just a few mentions 🙂

Tons more to babble on about — seriously, I’ve got loads of product reviews, “favorite things,” yada-yada; not to mention my knitting and sewing stuff…) but I’m short on attention today — at least for sitting at today’s boob tube 😀 But I’ll leave you with this…

What Is It?

😉 Been a while since I’ve posted one those. I’ll be back to reveal the secret 😀

Hint: It’s good stuff  😛


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Edited to add July, 2012 – Pangea, Vegan Store is now offering the above-mentioned vegan Vitamin D3! They have it in spray and capsules.

* If anyone has their current levels of Vit D available and starts taking this new Vegan D-3 and gets checked again,  it would be great for you to write up a review here at BeStrixed. Also, if you have taken the New Harvest EPA and experienced changes, I’d be interested in that too.

Just contact me and I’d love to post your experience and opinions. 🙂

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Whether the dog bites, or the bee stings, or not feeling sa-a-ad! :^)

Not really a products review, but, you know how you just randomly remember things you like, but forget about it a minute later? Well, these are the things I like that I recall here-and-there.

Okay, so, as I remember them, I’ll just post random stuff I like, no rhyme or reason, can be anything at all that I happen to recall at the time.

This begins a new category of “Favorite Things”…

Here are a few…

Fave Probiotic – Tonix -Love this stuff. Sadly, only we  locals are so lucky.

Can’t-do-without fave Running socks (see their  ex-celerator socks – would be great for diabetics too!)

VOSS Water – Best ever, hands down

My review of the AquaSana water still stands. And, if pressed, I’ll still buy the Smart Water before any other of the plastic-bottled waters, as I mention in that post. Considering the outrageous price of buying water — (isn’t it pathetic…BUYING water?! How absurd that clean water is not a given. Ugh X2) — and the glass costing more to boot, it’s just another reason to be happy to be an ETLer, since we don’t need to drink a well a day, getting most of what we need through eating the most nutritious foods available, with all their natural “juice” (water) intact. So I (we) don’t need to buy water much, if at all.

I’ve saved a lot of money, let me tell you: I used to buy ridiculous amounts because I bought into the conventional advice of drinking loads constantly, throughout the day. Did I  mention what a relief not to be running to the lavatory every 20 minutes? Or having to lay out plans according to where all the restrooms will be??! Just another area, eating properly changes and frees your mindset; (and can ultimately be a less expensive way of life).

But, VOSS is my first choice, and definitely the top of the line in my book.

Blue Light Special! The lights have various uses; and some important benefits. Great product!…and conveniently, small, lightweight. Great for taking with, or keeping, fairly inconspicuous on one’s desk. If you have an issue with the blue light, or prefer the traditional white light, it is available as well.

Featured Product and  little sprouting fave …

Well, it’s a tough call, naming my absolute favorite nut, but, I think pistachios edge out pecans by a nostril ;’)

An outstanding nutritional profile, one cannot overlook the powerhouse that is the pistachio! And, to top it all, it’s GReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeN!


Aside from crackin’ my own and sprouting, my favorite packaged nuts and seeds source would have to be these de*licious pre-sprouted nuts and seeds!

Some folks who cannot tolerate/digest well nuts and seeds find they can if sprouted (same with beans, by the way — sprout before cooking). If too fussy for you, then pre-sprouted is the way to go.

Blue Mountain Organic’s, “Better Than Roasted, Totally RAW Nuts,” offers sprouted nuts and seeds of the usual suspects, and some not so usual……

Raw, sprouted Pine Nuts…

Pinons are great! And how often do you find them sprouted?!!

Totally Nuts even has pecans, which is a real find

I notice the increased flavor that sprouting offers with these bigtime, especially the sunflower seed-pumpkin mix — Wow, big flavor.


Covenient and delish.

Listen here about nutritional excellence (and how important fat is — that is, nutritious, essential fats — to our diet) and why it’s different from what you *think* you know.

Until next time…

Strix ;^)

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Deodorant Recipe

My New Fave Formula

Beautiful nourishing Calendula Flowers, dried and organic from Mountain Rose Herbs

I love my current, new favorite deodorant recipe!  It is very floral, and it grows stronger in scent as the days pass, becoming sweeter and more beautiful (as it “ripens” in the bottle). It is fragrant, but dissipates to a pleasing light scent, which actually lasts all day; So it does not obnoxiously, overpower and have that horrible perfume odor. My current favorite! AND, it actually works: summer days, all day long, I’m good to go. (By the way, nothing in this would prevent  using it as a light fragrance/body spray, if you wish!)

My Summer Whimsy Deodorant

1/4 C Calendula Hydrosol or Calendula water (Or you can use your favorite, if you wish; I made my own calendula water concentrate, so it is nice and fragrant. Alternatively, add some Calendula ESSENTIAL oil, which is a rare find , but, if you have it, awesome.)

1/4 C good-quality Witch Hazel

1 tsp Vodka, preferably organic, if available (see note)

10d Jasmine Essential Oil

8d Bergamot Essential Oil

5d Geranium-Rose Essential Oil

4d Lavender Essential Oil

3d Black Pepper Essential Oil

2d Lemon Essential Oil

3d Benzoin Resin Oil

Combine Witchypoo, Calendula water, vodka and benzoin.


Add essential oils, drop by drop, swirling after each oil.

Shake well, and pour into 4-ounce glass* bottle with a Mister top.

Shake well before using. Can be used right away.

Enjoy it!


I use about 4 sprays per underarm most days and winter; summer or humid days, I go 6.

* Please store your handmade products in glass bottles, especially when using essential oils.

**Always know your ingredients: Check for sensitivity, for example, or do not use products which will cause you an allergic reaction. Some oils should not be used by pregnant women, for example — Use responsibly.

*Note on Vodka: Square One organic Vodka is what I use to render various formulas. I have seen this at only a few regular liquor stores, but it is stocked at BevMo stores, if you have one near you. It may be elsewhere, too.

Also — again — keep in mind that many alcohols are made with grain, and, just like many vinegars, the grain is not listed. Corn is a big one, as well as wheat. So, if you have an allergy to or a sensitivity to any grain at all, please take the time to find out what type of grain is the base for your vinegars, flavorings/extracts, tinctures and alcohols. Many people think have allergic reactions to food and think it is a vegetable or other item in their food and the culprit is actually the vinegar. The Square One is made from rye, for example, so it would be unsuitable for those with a wheat allergy; however, it may be worth a taste test, as everyone has sensitivities and allergies to varying degrees.

The Spectrum, organic, white, for example, lists rye and corn in their ingredients, which is rare, but definitely welcome.


You can make your own floral waters, using organic, fresh flowers by steeping (petals only) for a few hours in hot water, or with good-quality dried organic flowers.


Dried Rose Petals, MRH

For longer storage, I freeze and use as needed — very convenient!

Dried Calendula Flowers

Calendula water concentrate, frozen


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The interpretation, usage and/or execution of any of the above information is the sole responsibility of the reader; none of the content in this post or this blog is intended to, or claims to treat, prevent, or cure any condition and is for informational purposes only. Take care and inform yourself. Also mind any medications you take and consult your physician as to what is or what is not safe to use with them, topically or internally.

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