No Salt Seasoning…


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No-salt flavorings, powders, blends are really  hard to find — actually, GOOD ones are hard to find! Making your own, to your own tastes, suitable for various dishes is also good, but, for me can be difficult to make up on my own, as I go…it takes some experimenting with each flavor addition to get exactly the right amount of this or that. Accomplishing that for any one dish is challenging, but very rewarding (as long as you write it down!!)




A general all-purpose seasoning is probably harder. But I really find it invaluable because it can boost an already, specifically spiced dish and it can stand alone as a broth or stock

SO, all that to say, I’ve been recently using McCormick’s Perfect Pinch, Salt-Free Original, All Purpose Seasoning.

McCormicks no salt Perfect Pinch all purpose seasoning (3).JPG

You can see it is not ground so I prefer to use it cooked; but, it can certainly be worked into raw dishes :^) It makes a really good,  basic, vegetable broth/stock; and isn’t so specific in one flavor to make it prohibitive to almost any style food you are preparing — sort of a chameleon base broth :^).

It lends itself to long-cooking, as well as quick cooked or short, simmered dishes,too, which is really nice! Only one drawback — it’s not organic. But I can deal with that for now; my diet is pretty much organic (as organic as I can get it!)  Maybe fooling with the ingredients listed on the label, I can fanagle my own version…

McCormick’s Perfect Pinch Original, All Purpose, Salt-Free Seasoning is available in most supermarkets. I’m in Southern California, but I suppose most generic super-markets are the same.

A few of my favorite veggies for flavoring my broths or cooking foods in include, onions, garlic, celery, green bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms (all kinds!). I will add other veggies, such as starches — I like parsnips, potatoes; corn — which add texture(s) and flavor, but I limit starches.

I like spices and herbs too, especially, chiles and/or their powders; cumin; coriander; allspice; marjoram; epazote. I like fresh oregano and basil when they fit; tomato powder; a touch of nutritional yeast.

Mustard is appropriate if a bit of tang+flavor bomb is wanted! I like Westbrae Naturals Stone Ground, No Salt Added Mustard. Or, make your own!

What are your favorite veggies for broth or no-salt seasonings?

Strix :^)



  1. Jodi said,

    September 10, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    I check your blog a couple of times a year, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a new post. I’m interested in trying the Perfect Pinch all-purpose seasoning, so thanks for the recommendation. A few years ago I bought several brands of a particular seasoning blend (can’t remember which blend), and I recall that the Perfect Pinch brand was the best of the bunch.

    One of my favorite seasonings to use, depending on the recipe, is smoked paprika. I recently made Oh She Glow’s 10-Spice Mix (I omit the salt). I use it as a creole-type seasoning. Next time I make it, I’ll use less cayenne (or substitute Kashmiri red pepper powder which is flavorful and not as hot as cayenne). The mix is not too hot as is, but I like the option of using even more if whatever I’m making (usually a soup) needs extra flavor. That way I can use it liberally without going overboard on the heat.

    • Strix said,

      November 12, 2017 at 12:56 am

      Ooh,I like the idea of a red pepper that’s not too-too hot! Sometimes the flavor of the pepper is lost . I’ll keep an eye out for the Kashmiri :^)
      I like smoked paprika, but use it sparingly; I find it very strong and a bit overpowering. Maybe because my dishes are meatless: I remember usingcertain seasonings liberally with meats that I cannot with veggie meals. It’s one of those I have to be careful with.

      thanks for stopping by!

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