Some Knitting…

My ETL fingerless gloves 😉

New gloves pics up the gallery 😀

This is a simple sweater I’m working on.

I *Love* this yarn; it’s bamboo-cotton, called “Terra” from SWTC, home to some fantastic vegan yarns — “Jasper.”

Here is another great color I bought previously; I made a hat out of this gorgeous color — “Amber”…

I have to really emphasize that pictures of this yarn do not do it justice! It’s different when you see it live. It’s also different, as you imagine, when knitted. It has a gorgeous drape without being heavy. It’s stunning yarn. It makes even the most simple patterns look much, much nicer. Not too-too expensive, but worth every cent!

Oh, and bonus: No fussy skein! There is no fooling with it trying to find the proper end, no tangling, knotting, twisting. You just start knitting. I love that; It baffles me why all yarns don’t come ready to go like these :/

The “Onyx” is one of my favorites.

Again, pics are unjust! This produces a beautiful black fabric.

I bought these from one of my favorite yarn stores, YarnMarket; My other favorite (they have fantastic sales!) is WEBS. I like Knit Picks yarns (their needles more), but they don’t have as wide a variety for vegans; but what they do have is pretty good and very inexpensive — and that’s always good 😀

I need to do a post on the vegan yarns I’ve used. The availability of good-quality AND colors, and oh, the variety — of vegan yarns nowadays is just fantastic (same for fabric). Five years ago it was fairly limited; now there are so many to choose, you won’t miss sticky ol’ animal hair (*ick*) one bit  ;^).



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  1. October 2, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Lovely! The fingerless gloves are awesome, and I love all the colors you’ve used for the things in this post. 😀 My mom has knit bamboo yarn socks for me recently, and they have a wonderful texture. 🙂

  2. Tammy said,

    October 9, 2011 at 6:50 am

    I agree with Kath. The gloves are amazing. That green is a great color and I had no idea there was something called bamboo yarn.

    • Strix said,

      October 9, 2011 at 1:47 pm

      Thanks, Tammy! There are so many fibers that are less damaging to our environment now (though not all earth-friendly sounding ones are); I can sew, knit and crochet with a bit more ease on my conscience and have much nicer looking results.

      I have also found that I can embroider with the pure bamboo yarns! They rival the finest embroidery threads, and I actually think they are better.

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