Vitamin D-3 — VEGAN! and What Is It?


Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3, a new, vegan, whole-food source of D3. The first of its kind! I’m sure, like the DHA, there will be more jumping on the bandwagon — such as the soon to be made available, plant-based, vegan D-3, “Vitashine” — looks good.

I hope so, and I hope it gets less expensive.

However, looking at the label shows there are 5000IU in two capsules…

…so, not needing that much, the one-month, 30 servings is actually 2 month’s worth – yay! for that 😀

I don’t expect the cost to go too low, however; the mushrooms (apparently) needed for this product have always been expensive, and it’s an organic product, to boot! I wonder if just taking the mushroom supplements, which have been available for a long time now, are just as good(?). I recall Dr Weil has been recommending the “exotic” mushrooms, like those in this formula for ages; but they’ve been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. (more from Weil here, and here)

Maybe one of the many reasons mushrooms have been so helpful to people is that they were providing D3 without it being known. In that case, it may turn out to be less expensive to simply take the mushroom supps…not sure; maybe there is a special extraction from the ‘shrooms needed. From what I understand, though, mushrooms — even regular ol’ mushies — simply need to be exposed to sunshine, while they are growing, to get their Vit D, just like us. There are some fresh mushrooms being sold now with labels claiming they’ve been sun-exposed. D3 is better absorbed (from an outside source) than synthetic Vitamin D2 in most people, from what I understand. Most D3 products are animal-derived which makes it un-usable by vegans and other people who may have environmental or other issues with animal sourcing.

There is a “quality assurance” insert that comes with the supplement:

the fine print on the lower left corner reads:

Here’s the back… (click on pic for a larger, if not perfectly, clearer view)

Best test would be to get my D levels checked before I start on these to see what happens; not sure if I’ll do that* But, I’m going to keep abreast of this product to see what transpires; I am very interested in the results! It will be fantastic if it is just as effective — or even outperforms — animal-derived D3. Fingers crossed 🙂

I had a local shop order it for me; it’s such a brand-spankin’-new product that it’s not even in stores! I contacted VeganEssentials, however, and they said they will order it if they can get a contract with Nature’s Plus; so I expect it will be there soon, if they do. They are fantastic for all stuff vegan, and *very* meticulous about dubious ingredients. They are like Sherlock Holmes when questioning/investigating companies’ products. I have trusted them for years. They may be carrying one called,  Activz brand, however, this coming week.

There’s a new all-EPA supplement now available from Futurebiotics and it’s also vegan.

Awesomeness. I love that these products are now available so that all can benefit without harm to others. How often  do we engage it that?! 😀  These have no flavor, by the way. (I always crack open and taste these things 🙂 )

Here’s a looksee at the label:

I do have to admit I’m… intrigued by the source, which they say is from  “yeast.” Whatever that is – makes me a bit suspicious 😉

There are so many vegan DHA’s now too. I’ve tried a lot of them already. Of course, who knows, without lots of testing which is superior for any individual, but they all seem to be basically the same nowadays.I can at least mention the best tasting 🙂 Actually the ones with little to almost no flavor would be


which I’ve mentioned before. (Sorry for the bad pic; it’s an oldie 🙂 )

  Pure One.

Dr. Fuhrman’s, DHA Purity, which I trust more than any other, has a mild lemon-balm flavor. And Dr. Fuhrman offers the  New Harvest EPA too. There are many more good DHA’s now and it’s great to have the choices.

But these are just a few mentions 🙂

Tons more to babble on about — seriously, I’ve got loads of product reviews, “favorite things,” yada-yada; not to mention my knitting and sewing stuff…) but I’m short on attention today — at least for sitting at today’s boob tube 😀 But I’ll leave you with this…

What Is It?

😉 Been a while since I’ve posted one those. I’ll be back to reveal the secret 😀

Hint: It’s good stuff  😛


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Edited to add July, 2012 – Pangea, Vegan Store is now offering the above-mentioned vegan Vitamin D3! They have it in spray and capsules.

* If anyone has their current levels of Vit D available and starts taking this new Vegan D-3 and gets checked again,  it would be great for you to write up a review here at BeStrixed. Also, if you have taken the New Harvest EPA and experienced changes, I’d be interested in that too.

Just contact me and I’d love to post your experience and opinions. 🙂


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