Running Tips…

Breathe: in through nose, out through the mouth (the entire run)

Abs *tight* (Yep, throughout the entire run)

Change gait

Concentrate, but be aware of surroundings

Consider fartleks

Eat well to run well

Supportive bra; exchanging on a regular basis (before becoming worn) — same for shoes

Consider body hugging undertops and shorts; never tight

Lace up firmly

Snug, good, comfy socks!


Use the restroom right before you leave

ALWAYS – sunblock and sunscreen – rain or shine (don’t forget neck and  behind ears)

Give it all you got; don’t waste your time: This is it; this is where you get in shape — keep that in mind.

Mind the weather; dress accordingly

Good pair of running glasseswith UVA and UVB protection

Shoulders relaxed; arms up and in

When you see a loose dog, stop running and take it down to a walk, moving to the other side of street, if can; hopefully you can do this before it sees you. Avoid areas where loose dogs are encountered.


Assume: Always assume you have not been seen, and run defensively. Mind driveways, blind corners, and intersections, again, you have not been seen, even if in full view, even if you have the “green light.”

Run against traffic when no sidewalks; better chance you will be seen though not a guarantee which segues to the next tip…

Make eye contact with motorists!

…Get a good night’s

Keep an ear out as well as an eye (or two 😉 ); use all your senses.

Mind various surfaces, and run accordingly, carefully maneuvering gravel, hidden holes, wet areas.

Stretch after your run

Carry identification; pepper spray; house and vehicle keys, and…

Do NOT forget…


…your phone!

If  “too tired,” remember that it is, indeed, rare  to ever regret having worked out 😉

Well Done! Give yourself some praise, you’re a star


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1 Comment

  1. Tammy McLeod said,

    September 18, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    I am not much of a runner but if I decide to take it up, I’ll follow your step by step instruction.

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