CV Sunday!

whew, finally got around to making a much needed batch of  my cultured veggies last Sunday…

Not much to say (for once 😉 ) except that the absolutely cRazY weather Southern Cali has me a bit worried about how my fermented goodies will fare. So far so good! Taking extra care with cleanliness and sterilizing EVERYthing that comes in contact with the contents is the only real assurance the handmaden 😉 can expect.

So, without further ado, some CV porn … ahoy! 😀

Great colors…Imagine the flavors!

This older one…THIS ONE…Oh, the umamity! THIS was the most delicious thing I think I’ve ever tasted in my entire life — no kidding. It was…well, it’s un-limnable.  AND, to my chagrin, non-replicable 😦  — Believe me, I tried! O’ how I tried…I sweat and strain…body all achin’ and racked with pain…Nothin’ 😦

:sniff: It was one of my “everything cultured veggies” : When making batches, I gather the leftovers from each combo and just throw it into a bowl, mix it all, then place in a container; so I’m getting every ingredient I used that day! So it would be impossible to know all the stuff, much less the amounts. O’ the agony

Note the gorgeous black berries in there!…If only I could recapture the moment… 😀

Obviously, I make LOTS :^) It’s best to do it all in one swoop: It takes a day, but better to get it all done in a few hours, and then have MONTHS of not having to deal with it. Then…ahhhhhhhhh, just reap the rewards ;’)

So, enjoy the photos!


*Oh, here’s an example of one foaming over; I mentioned this previously. Nothing goin’ wrong here; this is fine. If it were  bad, it would be very evident, if not looking at it before opening, upon doing so! Right quick like…





~ Intermission ~

Here are some of the goodies in my latest batch:

Mustard seeds, Black peppercorns, whole Tumeric, Cumin seeds, Coriander seeds, Galangal, Ginger,

Onions, Garlic, whole Sumac berries

Green Apples; Peaches (first time using them; can’t wait to try!);Papaya ;Kumquats; Goji Berries

Broccoli Sprouts (fantastic price; outstanding quality); Savoy Cabbage; Green Cabbage; Purple Cabbage; Baby Bok Choi; Adult Bok Choi; Curly Kale; Dandelion Greens (fab in CV’s); Cauliflower, Zucchini…

That’s all I recall; I’m sure there were other goodies thrown in. I was low on fruit, so was unable to use some of the great summer fruits I would have liked; though, I’m willing to gear up for another round of CV Sunday if I come across some stuffs that I can’t pass up.

Oh! I also made a “pasta sauce” CV! I was inspired by someone’s blog ages ago; sadly, I cannot find it. A woman had experimented making CV with all the herbs, spices, and veggies one would put it a sauce and raved about it. Sounded weird to me, but, then again my concoctions may sound strange too, and they are delectable! Sooo, I gave it a try. I’ll give it a review once I taste it.

~*~ *~

Then I made…

… Pickles!

Previously,  made some delicious relish …

which was actually not pickled; it was cultured relish! Try finding that at any hippy-store 😉

So am hoping these pickies come out great. They should be easy to turn into relish when I need it, too!

And jus *had*  to make some more of the crazy-yum pickled papaya — fingers X they come out right!


Does the potpourri of ingredients give you any ideas? I hope so! (read my “How To” for more ideas) It’s a great  medium to be wonderfully whimsom 😀 and take advantage of the “anything goes” possibilities that making your very own. original cultured vege-fruit blends offers you!

I also suggest using organic ingredients, and strongly advise ( 😉 ) to not use any waxed foods — cucumbers, citrus, apples, etc.)

Ooh, I cannot wait for the Autumnal foods: My favorite season brings deliciousness that I can jar and enjoy all year long!







Got some kickin’ it outside, too 🙂




Okay, enough?  Me thinks I’m good for a while, right? 😉 ALthoooooogh…this reminds me

I still haven’t posted those other fermenting drafts (I’ve had sittin’ for years now!)

Hooray for CV Sunday — or  CV any day!

* I learned the basics from Body Ecology and, a great raw, commercial (but expensive) product recipe, Rejuvenative Foods brand (instructions at end of article).  As ALWAYS, use your own judgment, common sense, and be vigilant with all cautions — resultant product is your sole responsibility.



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Deodorant Recipe

My New Fave Formula

Beautiful nourishing Calendula Flowers, dried and organic from Mountain Rose Herbs

I love my current, new favorite deodorant recipe!  It is very floral, and it grows stronger in scent as the days pass, becoming sweeter and more beautiful (as it “ripens” in the bottle). It is fragrant, but dissipates to a pleasing light scent, which actually lasts all day; So it does not obnoxiously, overpower and have that horrible perfume odor. My current favorite! AND, it actually works: summer days, all day long, I’m good to go. (By the way, nothing in this would prevent  using it as a light fragrance/body spray, if you wish!)

My Summer Whimsy Deodorant

1/4 C Calendula Hydrosol or Calendula water (Or you can use your favorite, if you wish; I made my own calendula water concentrate, so it is nice and fragrant. Alternatively, add some Calendula ESSENTIAL oil, which is a rare find , but, if you have it, awesome.)

1/4 C good-quality Witch Hazel

1 tsp Vodka, preferably organic, if available (see note)

10d Jasmine Essential Oil

8d Bergamot Essential Oil

5d Geranium-Rose Essential Oil

4d Lavender Essential Oil

3d Black Pepper Essential Oil

2d Lemon Essential Oil

3d Benzoin Resin Oil

Combine Witchypoo, Calendula water, vodka and benzoin.


Add essential oils, drop by drop, swirling after each oil.

Shake well, and pour into 4-ounce glass* bottle with a Mister top.

Shake well before using. Can be used right away.

Enjoy it!


I use about 4 sprays per underarm most days and winter; summer or humid days, I go 6.

* Please store your handmade products in glass bottles, especially when using essential oils.

**Always know your ingredients: Check for sensitivity, for example, or do not use products which will cause you an allergic reaction. Some oils should not be used by pregnant women, for example — Use responsibly.

*Note on Vodka: Square One organic Vodka is what I use to render various formulas. I have seen this at only a few regular liquor stores, but it is stocked at BevMo stores, if you have one near you. It may be elsewhere, too.

Also — again — keep in mind that many alcohols are made with grain, and, just like many vinegars, the grain is not listed. Corn is a big one, as well as wheat. So, if you have an allergy to or a sensitivity to any grain at all, please take the time to find out what type of grain is the base for your vinegars, flavorings/extracts, tinctures and alcohols. Many people think have allergic reactions to food and think it is a vegetable or other item in their food and the culprit is actually the vinegar. The Square One is made from rye, for example, so it would be unsuitable for those with a wheat allergy; however, it may be worth a taste test, as everyone has sensitivities and allergies to varying degrees.

The Spectrum, organic, white, for example, lists rye and corn in their ingredients, which is rare, but definitely welcome.


You can make your own floral waters, using organic, fresh flowers by steeping (petals only) for a few hours in hot water, or with good-quality dried organic flowers.


Dried Rose Petals, MRH

For longer storage, I freeze and use as needed — very convenient!

Dried Calendula Flowers

Calendula water concentrate, frozen


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The interpretation, usage and/or execution of any of the above information is the sole responsibility of the reader; none of the content in this post or this blog is intended to, or claims to treat, prevent, or cure any condition and is for informational purposes only. Take care and inform yourself. Also mind any medications you take and consult your physician as to what is or what is not safe to use with them, topically or internally.

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