Product Review: White Wizard and Oxo-Brite…

Don’t you love the look of this? Haha. I love all things vintage, and this looks so 1950’s, ’60s to me. doesn’t it, though? Those  colors, too :)Even their site looks cheesy 😀 I love it!

So, does it work? Answer: A BIG YES! Shockingly, it does. Lookee here…

Carpet stain of who-knows-what…

Just a dab of White Wizard — not even rubbed in with any significant pressure — and within seconds…A closeup shot; you can see just a shadow of the stain…

… which disappeared a minute later. I couldn’t find the spot.

It’s a nice thick paste that’s not messy-ish.

Ahh, the panacea ;). While I cannot attest to all the claims on the label, but for spots on carpet — and, by the way, that stain was months old (I know I know) — it most certainly has wizar-ed its way into my heart.

Here’s another thing: This little container is years old! I bought this I-don’t-know-how-long-ago, opened it, used it for something, and haven’t seen it since! It reappeared and I thought I’d give it a shot. I  actually despise carpet, and have lived without it mostly; but have some at the moment in a few rooms. Ugh.

Favorite thing about this, too, is “Water Not Required”! Yay. something about dragging out a bucket of water, gloves, a sponge, some wet rags, some dry rags, yada-yada…just a big ta-do. Anyway, obviously this is for spot cleaning. For bigger jobs…

I picked up this Oxo-Brite which, I assume is an offshoot of the famed  “Oxy-Clean” product. It’s touted as a laundry additive, but I got it to try for my carpets since the back label …

said it works for them, which is what I was hoping.

This is also very good; however, it does produce a bleaching-type action; so it will “whiten” what you put it on, so be aware of that. For example, on a colored carpet or upholstery, it will, itself make a spot that you wouldn’t want. I would be cautious about using this on upholstery other than something that had a white background which needed brightening, and would be prepared to do the ENTIRE piece/area for uniformity.

I tried to get a shot of my carpet, but it doesn’t show up too well in my pics…

Small pics show it best; here’s another look…

Can you see? Well, trust me, there is a very noticeable cleaned spot. I am planning on cleaning my whole carpet, so this isn’t an issue, but, for spot cleaning, I’ll stick to the Wizard and use this for cleaning the entire carpet.

I used it for laundry, and it was so-so. It did brighten, but so far, none of the natural products I’ve tried are comparable to bleach, which is best not used at all.

So to sum up: White Wizard – Excellent at spot removal

Oxy-Brite – So far, great as a carpet cleaner; good choice for a safe “bleach.” As well, the product does say it works on laundry over time.


Okay, on to more important things….

Greeeeeeeeeeeeen Things 😉

Today’s Green Juicie Green Smoothie was

Loaded ! 😀

Black Beauties…

Kohlrabi Greens


Baby Choi

Oh, and nothin’ could be fin-a than to be with Spirulina in the mo-oh-oh’nin’..

Nut’n could be sweeta than this juicy green one-lita in the mo-oh-oh’nin’

*A-hem* Okee Dokey, back to our regularly scheduled program…

Pineapple…transforms any smoothie into an exotic nutritarian’s libation…


Kumquats (ooh, remember the mania):


While blendin’ with my swirlie, I spied a  pearly wormy  in the mo-OH-OH- ninYikes! Glad it was earleh in the morn…whew

Make sure to wash your greenies or you’ll  be wastin’ good time wishin’ in the moh-oh-ohnin’

Eek, sorry. I now predict you will not get that tune out your head 😛
Back to business…
Dino Kale, upon which our unfortunate wormy friend dared to feast…

And last but not least…Ginger

…If I had Aladdin’s lamp for only a day I’d make a wish and here’s what I’d say:

Oh, Nothing could be fina than  GREENS  for yours and mina in da mohhhhh-rning. :D

Oh, heck, sing it with me, Y’All

Dreaming was meant for nighttime,
I live in dreams all the day;
I know it’s not the right time,
But still I dream away.
What could be sweeter than dreaming,
Just dreaming and drifting away


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  1. Tammy McLeod said,

    July 11, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Wow. You’ve packed it with so much goodness. Awesome.

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