I Am An Orange!


What an excellent, *simple* metaphor. It can be tough — really tough to face this.

Whatever comes out of you is in you, period.

It’s so easy to blame things, persons, situations, etc. outside ourselves.  Those things only serve to bring out what is already there. Many believe those “irriatators” are there because we need them —  they come because we need them, to teach us something. Key, is to actually learn from them and not repeat! Okay? 🙂 Haha.

But what a case for responsibility! I definitely need to work on this, myself. Even as we know we hold responsibility for what we do (in the present) , it’s still very easy to slip back into blame and shifting of responsibility, which, of course, leads to excuses. Lots and lots of excuses; “reasons.”

Who or worse, What do I blame?

Most important for me to remember is how I react. I can’t control how others act.

Interesting how he says he doesn’t know “how it gets in there…” But, I think, sometimes, that’s what needs to be faced and found.

Change what’s in AND what’s  going in if I don’t like what’s coming out.

And  I do want to die happy, remember?

Hey, No excuses!  I am an orange!  I contain only sweet, ripe 100% juice!  😀


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