Okay, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve sewn 😦 😦 😦 Way too many  months since this stitch witch has sewn a darned thing! 😦 Since I moved, nada — unless you count hand sewing one of Noodles’ suits that he chewed up. And, of course, me being me, I’ve got a backup of “must makes,” complete with patterns galore awaiting me!

For summer, of course, I want simple, quick stuff, though 🙂 I’m very into summer dresses, but have a hard time finding patterns I like, much less the proper sizes — double UGH!…AND, finding perfect fits in stores is really, really hard for me…I seriously need a class on pattern adjustment! Or better — pattern making. Hmmm…maybe I should do that this summer. Time, time…

Funny thing is, I have no “expertise” altering patterns — honestly, I’d be afraid to say that I know how! It’s so tricky — and yet, I adjust stuff I make all the time…haha. Not that it’s done “properly”… Oh, to be a pro! 😀

Anywho, so many styles, so little time! Here are a few I’m liking this year; you’ll see a definite theme…

First, this one isn’t a favorite dress, really; what I like is the sleeves and bodice…okay, I know…let’s see…okay, what I don’t like is — something about the collar…not sure! But there’s something I love about this dress; yet something that bothers me. Maybe it’s the cross over??? Probably a “No” after all 😉

Botanique Dress

Botanique Dress

Cute shoes, though!

Okay, next…

I LOVE this dress  AND I love the fabric! Love that blue — more at indigo; reminds me of the blue and white porcelain, famously attributed to the Ming Dynasty. Interestingly, it actually originates from the Middle East.

Personally, I prefer this gorgeous Japanese porcelain. That little hibachi costs over $400. Ha! Okay, off track again 😀

Back to the dresses:

Three In One Dress

Three In One Dress

It’s called 3-In-1, though it’s only 2. I think it’s adorable, but elegant. Could I wear it? I think so. I do like the length. I think it could go with some (nice) sandals or heels. Would love to find a pattern! This one doesn’t look difficult to make, actually…it’s the friggin fabric that would send me high-tailing it on my broom! That fabric is tough to work, lemme tell ya. Anything slippery is gonna work ya  — ya las’ nerve, that is!

Speaking of fabric, lol,


this is one I’ve had for a while, just sittin’! It looks quite a bit like the pattern on the dress! The fabric, however, is thick, too heavy, and not conducive to such a dress.  I love it, though, but still haven’t come up with the perfect use for it…I don’t want to “waste” it (roll eyes). Initially, I liked it for an apron; but then when I realized I need(ed) a new sewing machine cover, I thought that would be nice…Hmmm….what do you think? Apron vs machine cover? Help me out, Folks!

Next one, I LOVE. I am thinking this will take me through Autumn! Top it with a nice sweater or jacket, and appropriate footwear…yeah…

Beaute Du Jour

Beaute Du Jour

Since my favorite colors are Autumnal, I just love this fabric print too. Really like this type of sleeve. Interestingly, normally, I despise ties/bows or scarf-like, around-the-neck-area stuff; but it works for me here. This one, though — speaking of work — will totally work me! That piping…eeGADS…and the flimsy-ish fabric…uhhhhm…I dunno, Folks. Can I do it?!!??! I’d love to make it! Maybe I should just buy it, haha. Def, my favorite.

This is called a jeans dress, but it’s a soft denim…

Tencel Blue Jeans Dress

Tencel Blue Jeans Dress

Not really a fave; but I love the simplicity and comfy-ness of this type of dress. This is the kind you literally throw on with some sandals and go. No adornments, no belts, accessories, etc. Good for lounging on the patio or just puttering 🙂 Easy to make too! Varying the length would be nice.

Lastly, I like this as well. The colors are great; but not my favorite print…

 	 Marrakesh Cotton Dress

Marrakesh Cotton Dress

I like that it’s cotton; but other fabrics could work very nicely. (Cute sandals!) Another one not so easy…for moi. Would be a lot of work for me…I think. I could use the practice on the skirt, though! I do buy patterns for that reason, actually — simply for practice!

Okay, next, I am going to attempt — ATTEMPT, mind you 😀 — to make a swim suit…yes, it must be emphasized. I don’t imagine I’ll be wearing it! I’ve never made a swimsuit, and working with spandex doesn’t inspire confidence! But, how else to learn? 😀

Here are some suits I like, for various reasons:

Charlotte, by Shan, 2008 Collection

Charlotte, by Shan, 2008 Collection

Like the coverage! Haha. I’m not big on my butt hanging out — in fact, I prefer nothing “hang” at all! I like full coverage; I like to be comfortable, and not constantly worrying about how “stuff” looks or how, with each step, each movement, I’ve got to adjust, pull, or fix  something. You know the deal. I don’t wanna think about it, you know?

Next –no, I do not like a bikini for me 🙂 What I do like is the top….

Papillon, by Tissage 2009

Papillon, by Tissage 2009

It looks secure and has good coverage; so comfy. I also happen to really like straps that tie around the neck; they seem to look best on me, I think; I like them for dresses too. A pattern for this type shouldn’t be hard to find.

Now this is totally cute!

Euphoria Martini by Tara Grinna 2009

Euphoria Martini by Tara Grinna 2009

I’d love this: I would, however, prefer a small boy short :).

And speaking of shorts…

Blue Skipping Stones by Swim Systems 2009

Blue Skipping Stones by Swim Systems 2009

I’d wear this in a heartbeat! No altering needed…well, maybe a little nip-tuck on the V-neck area 😉 Or rather, maybe a little stretch-widen…yeah. Lol. Love the shorter top to show off the cutie shorts. I’ve seen similar patterns for blouses like this. Would be cute as a non-swimsuit: just pick some nice easy-breezy cool fabric. Nice!

I like this one, buuuuuut…

Jet Set by Asha DeMarco

Jet Set by Asha DeMarco

Something about it is a turn-off…Certainly, I do not like the colors…but there’s something else…Okay, I do like the top/straps; like the one-piece; the bottom’s not bad…I think it’s the cut of the center/sides ?? No, I like that…I think. Hmmm…maybe it’s the pattern, too? Or and/or colors. I’d like to see this suit in a different color, same pattern; a different pattern; and in a solid as well.

This one is also nice…

Sea Club by Lidea 2009

Sea Club by Lidea 2009

…but I have to admit the color is a big influence :D. I love oranges and orange hues. I prefer the shorts style of the Blue Skipping Stones suit above; though, this would be okay. The little tie works here.

And then of course a good cover! I really like this tunic:

Good Karma by OndadeMar 2009

Good Karma by OndadeMar 2009

VERY cute! There are so many nice tunics. I like long ones, too. The one above is nice with the embroidery embellished fabric. Very cute and probably not too diffucult. This would be a fun one to make. Lots of fabrics to go crazy and make a ton! Would be cute as gifts, too. I could (and have) wear this with some boy-style shorts and be good 🙂 Definitely comfortable and no need to feel self-conscious in tunics.

Of course, a cool top and good pair ‘o’ shorts is always reliable! Slap on some sandals and I’m good to go.

Okay, so now I have to get to the fabric store and start lookin’! I hate purchasing patterns online. I’m sure I could find something in-store. Then it’s on to finding vegan, and as-earth-friendly fabric as possible that I like…daunting, but doable: there are actually more and more earth-friendly and organic fabrics coming to market — yay! Gotta dig, though.

Oh, did I mention I still haven’t gotten my sewing room completely unpacked and organized? whistle

Time, time….

Okay, so what are you wearing this season, with your new ETL-Nutritarian bod? 😉 Please share!

Ahh…eating well has so many benefits! Eat your heart out Valerie Bertinelli! Who  needs Jenny Craig frankenfoods??!!


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  1. Anon said,

    May 31, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    You have really great taste. Your comments about the styles/fabrics were right on. 🙂

    • poxacuatl said,

      June 2, 2009 at 9:17 am

      Thanks, Anon. Are you a sewist?! Would love to have sewing convos on this blog, haha. I get a lot of emails from people who sew, but none post.

      So you didn’t give me your vote on the blue print fabric — machine cover or apron? What say you? 🙂

  2. Anon said,

    June 9, 2009 at 11:31 am

    I don’t have the same eye/discernment as you bestrixed, so I’m really not sure. I am just able to appreciate it when other people like you make great choices. So much on this blog makes me think “wow…bestrixed is so creative.” Like growing sprouts in steamers and collanders. Amazing!

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