ETL Friday! Staying Positive…

Hi, Everyone! We’ve got another Eat To Live veteran this week! A fellow member at Dr.; she’s a long-term ETLer aka Nutritarian, and all about the positive. This one is educational too, and provides a great tool that we can actually employ to help us — something we all could use, whether for ETL’ing or not 🙂 Love it!

So a very grateful welcome to Isabel 🙂

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Staying Positive on Eat to Live with a

Vision Board

Changing your eating can be overwhelming and can lead to your days and nights being filled with a different kind of food obsession and many questions and doubts…what will I eat? Is this enough? What will my family think? Will my mother in law be offended if I don’t eat her dessert?

Often times well meaning family and friends will call us crazy and fear that we’re anorexic or too controlling and they will freely comment. Other times we’ll slip and beat ourselves up. We have lots of opportunities to be negative and doubt ourselves in this journey. That isn’t fun. We need to stay positive and remember why we chose to eat this way and make this our new lifestyle.

I started Eat to Live in order to lose weight and get healthy but it has opened up a whole world of possibilities. Now it is my way of life and helps support me when I face life’s challenges. I have found that a good way to keep looking forward and stay positive was to look at a bigger picture rather than focusing on the numbers on the scale or the last slip. I want to be healthy and have energy so I can one day hike in Morocco or have the strength to mountain bike with my family–this is why I choose to eat this way.

I’m a visual person and I need reminders that invoke feelings and make me smile when I think of the wonderful things to come. How do I stay positive? One of several tricks I have is my vision board. When life gets me down or I wake up dreading another day, my vision board reminds me of my dreams. Eating this way isn’t a goal…it is the way to get to my goals. It supports me and keeps me strong.

What is a vision board? A vision board is a collection of pictures and affirmations that help you focus and remember what you dream of. Chances are you’ve heard of this already and have been thinking of making one. The movie or book “The Secret” mentions a vision board and how it can help you attract what you want. A vision board is a powerful tool to help you focus your attention on what you want and to use the law of attraction to get it. Too out there for you? Don’t worry…even if you find that hard to swallow keep following me. Get some cardboard or a bulletin board and get ready to have some fun with this. Or you can be a bit more technical and make an electronic board.

Let’s say you’re trying to focus on following Eat to Live because you want to be healthy, vibrant, confident and slim. Why not gather a collection of pictures of what that means to you. Try for some pictures that make you happy. How about a lovely picture of a mouth watering salad, some crisp veggies, the beach that you’ll feel confident walking on while wearing an awesome new bathing suit, someone jogging because soon that’s what you’ll have the energy to do, a new bike, a person running after some children…the list is endless.

Next you can make a list of positive affirmations or quotes you like that keep you motivated. Write these out on index cards or nice paper. Glue the pictures and the affirmations randomly to your cardboard or pin them to your bulletin board. I have a bulletin board where I keep a bunch of pictures, affirmations and even a key chain that reminds me of a vacation. I have pictures of my dream car, fit and fabulous looking women, places I want to visit and affirmations that remind me of what I want too.

I keep it in my bathroom and I suggest you place yours anywhere you spend more than 15 minutes at a time everyday. I also have a video vision board so I can see it from anywhere and I’ll often take a look at it while I’m at work. Another thing you can do is make your computer monitor into a mini vision board by placing pictures all around it. Even your fridge will work!

Now that you’ve created it, what do you have to do? Look at it and feel what you’ll feel when you get the bike or have the energy to run after your grandchildren. Imagine what you’ll feel when you’re enjoying that beach vacation in the new bathing suit. Read out your affirmations and SMILE!! Apply focused intent on these things and stay positive. That’s it! The more specific you are and the more consistent you are at focusing on your desires you will attract this into your life.

Still not sure? How about this video vision board for helping you stick to Eat to Live?

Here’s my video vision board that keeps me inspired:

A friend of mine has chosen to plaster most of his house with images rather than just creating one vision board. He has had lots of success by embracing change and even created this movie for what he calls the change series. I liked it and think you might like it too while you’re facing a major change in life….enjoy.

Have fun with this and most of all NEVER GIVE UP!


Awesome!  Before your video vision boards, I  hadn’t thought about how easy it could be by simply doing it on youtube! What a great way to focus, and distract oneself, when feeling pulled by food addictions. There will always be something to do, somewhere to go to; and one can be creative and expressive at the same time — oh, and not to mention re-motivate yourself and remind yourself! How satisfying and self empowering! Thank you so much, Isabel!

For more about Isabel’s amazing “Transformation” check out this video

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This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense…”

Winston Churchill, Harrow School, 29 October 1941

~ *** ~

Share your vision board with us right here on ETL Friday! Send me your vision! I’ll post it for an upcoming ETL Friday! Share your goals, desires, thoughts about it, and explore what it is you really want; and get it out there! Whether you’re just starting or have one already, let us encourage and support you, while you inspire others too! It can be a video or a picture of one you made 🙂


sm row smiles



  1. Claudia said,

    April 17, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    Wow, what a fabulous production Moon! The audio-visuals were very positive, enjoyable, inspiring, and well put together!

    I also liked the part where you said that ‘Eating this way isn’t a goal…it its the way I get to my goals.’ I can really relate to that. Eating this way is a given. It is the fact of what I do, and not something that I shoot for, or agonize over. I do it because it serves me. It helps me to be the person I want to be, living the happy, health life that I want to live.

    • poxacuatl said,

      April 17, 2009 at 5:59 pm

      That’s how I feel too, Claudia. It just “is.” There’s no decision making or back-and-forth “should I or shouldn’t I?” — what’s better than that? Lol! EASY
      That’s the magic, right there — no agonizing — NO cravings!

      ETA: Problem is, though, is that we tend to indulge the “agony” instead of just “doing” (focusing on negatives) I think this constant “thinking” about ETL is detrimental. Enough talk. It’s an action — Eating is an act, eating to live is action. You can’t “think” your way to health! You have to bite the bullet and ACT.
      Okay, end of minor diatribe…I could go on — Oh, lordy, could I 😀 :O

  2. April 17, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    Another great ETL Friday post! Thanks Moon!! I have watched your videos before and found them incredibly inspiring. I appreciate the background info on how you have used vision boards to keep you motivated. I have been using the power of attraction for over twenty years, way before I ever knew of any books being written about it, and I can vouch that it works 100%. I’ve gotten everything I have ever desired with intention and had some amazing people spontaneously appear in my life simply through intention! Things so amazing that even I would not believe them if I heard it second hand. The power of intention, law of attraction, works 100%!!
    One thing that struck me while reading this post is how much we can REprogram ourselves with vision boards, in whatever form works best for us: paper, audio, video. Think how often we are programmed about what we should eat (SAD food) and how we should look/dress through what we choose to watch/listen to via music, billboards, and TV ads. The mass media has been using the same concept for years on a much larger scale.

    • poxacuatl said,

      April 17, 2009 at 6:02 pm

      Excellent points, picks. 100% ETL and positive thinking/focus 100% 😀

      I agree about reprogramming. That’s another good way to say “change your mindset.”

      Hm, with this reply of yours, I see another subject for an ETL Friday blog for you 😉 That’s two you’re now commissioned to do 😀

  3. poxacuatl said,

    April 17, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    By the way, moon (aka Isabel), how did you first learn about vision boards and was it ETL which you applied it first in your life, or had you used it for other areas previously (if that’s too personal, feel free to ignore 🙂 )

  4. Robin said,

    April 19, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    I’ve really enjoyed reading both Claudia’s and Moon’s posts. The optimism alone is so contagious and always motivating.

  5. moon said,

    April 21, 2009 at 6:35 am

    thanks everyone…sorry for the delay.

    i had fun writing this. i first created a vision board after watching the movie “the secret”. before that i had scattered images or quotes but nothing too organized and nothing i’d refer to and focus on daily.

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