Looks Can Be Deceiving…


OR, How to pick a proper pineapple, pleasing, pretty, perfectly prickly  per prudent people’s passion for produce. dancing_pineapple2

Firstly, I disregard looks. The above doesn’t look too yummy or eye-catching; however, other indications tell a different story.



I always smell my fruit! Well, most fruit. Pineapple should smell so good you can taste it. If it has a musty smell or funny edge to the smell, it’s most likely fermenting already, having been picked too long ago. Take a whiff at the bottom of the pineapple; not the top or sides. It should smell fresh.

The bottom:


The yellowing on the bottom sides is a good sign; the mold on the core is not! However, this is not a rotten pineapple! There is not a lot of mold. It has been sitting too long, sure; but the other signs are good, so it’s not enough to reject it.

The top:


Again, not too attractive! The center leaves aren’t too bad. One test that hasn’t failed me yet is the pulling method: If you can very easily pull the very center leaves from the ‘napple, it’s bank. There should be little to no resistance. That’s an indication it was picked while ripe. The above is an older pineapple; but it may have been refrigerated and that’s why it’s still fresh inside. But being able to pull easily is not the sole indication of an optimal pineapple; so a rotten one can have easy to pull leaves, for example.

Weight: Most fruits are best picked with this in mind — melons and citrus, especially. If they are heavy, they contain lots of juice. So heavy = good.

Mold and Spotting: Obviously, mold is not good; however, the other signs on the above pineapple were. Had it soft spots, which is a deal breaker, or other signs of rotting, or mold on the body, I’d have rejected it. If it is soft and you can press into it with a little squeeze, it’s not good.

Color: Color is no indication of ripeness! It seems, looking at that pineapple, it was picked while not yet ripened, then started to rot –not true.  A pineapple can be utterly delicious and perfect and solid green! I’ve purchased gorgeous golden pineapples with fresh green leaves and they were so sour, they were inedible!
Hmph. And not a peppy pineapple picker was I, let me tell you …for the price of pineapples produces pernicious pickers prompt to purloin!

Size: Doesn’t matter. Big or small, they can vary in taste.

This pineapple needs to be refrigerated, ASAP. Pineapples do not ripen after being harvested; they should have been ripe when picked.  You can leave out a ripe one a few days and it will be fine; but use, fridge, or freeze it soon.

But, it’s all a mystery until you get it home…

Slice it and…



pineapple_chunks-5*Perfect* Pineapple!

Lots of things don’t look so great on the outside…but isn’t it what’s inside that matters? 😉

Pineapple freezes very wellPhotobucket


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