Lip Whip and Tip…

A cooking Tip, that is! 😀








roses-31-copyThis is a soft lip cream. I like the consistency of castor oil in some of my  lip care products; you can use a different one (tamanu is exceptional). As well, the mango butter is one of the softer, creamier butters; if you use a firmer butter, it will make a firmer product, which is perfectly fine :). (Coconut oil, though solid, would be too greasy here, and not a butter, anyway)

You can vary the essential oils, if you wish, or use none; I love vanilla and rose.








Lip Whip

1/4-ounce Carnauba Wax, or  Candelilla Wax
1 TB Castor Oil
1/2 TB Mango Butter
1 tsp Aloe Vera Gel, pure (and not the drink!)
3-4d Essential Oil Vanilla, or Vanilla Absolute
1d Essential Oil of Rose

Heat the wax and oil in a small measuring cup or bowl over steaming water (make-shift double boiler).
As it begins to melt, add the oil and heat just until wax is completely melted.
Add mango butter and stir till melted; remove from heat.
Quickly add the aloe and whip in till thoroughly combined.
Add the essential oils.
Whip vigorously till fluffy, light and creamy.

Store in a cosmetic tin; or small jar.

Makes about 2 TB

This has a slightly firmer consistency than refrigerated, whipped butter, so it is best not to leave this in the heat. Do not take this in your purse or pocket, for example, in hot weather unless in a secure container; it will melt at high temperatures. The tin shown here would not be considered a secure container. A tightly lidded jar would work.

Note: The “d” after the amount for essential oils stands for “drop(s).”

Melt wax in a double boiler.*

Add oil and mango butter to melt

Remove from heat and add aloe vera.

Whip in till creamy and mixed throughout.

Add oils and beat in till thoroughly combined and whip is light, and fluffy.

Place in lip tin and allow to cool before covering.

~ *roses-23-copy* ~




Carnauba Wax


Castor Oil




Mango Butter


Aloe Vera



Essential Oils, preferably organic, Optional





Make a makeshift 🙂 For a small amount a measuring cup works great (the Pyrex are perfect, too.)

*If you don’t have a tiny pot like this one, use a regular pot with a makeshift rack insert. I’ve done this for years with cooking! See “Below”):






Melt wax…


Add the oil and butter…


Remove from heat and add aloe…


Quickly stir…




*Add your oils, and whip it good 🙂


Spoon (or plop) it into your tin or other receptacle…


Voila! Easy, handmade lip butter 😀






~ *** ~



Okay, here’s what I do/have done when I have/had no double boiler or no appropriately sized double boiler (This is the cooking tip, by the way 😛 ):



Use the ring from a mason jar as a rack at the bottom of your smallest pot, and place your (non-breakable!) cup or receptacle on top and fill with water to desired height….




Here is a pic where I used the mason jar ring to hold a small, 4-inch Pyrex dish:



Works great! So small portions can easily be done.  You can this sort of thing with any foods, too, of course. You wouldn’t want to place  so small amounts in a big ol’ insert pot, haha. And this works with any-sized insert pot, not just small bowls :). The rings can hold a lot of weight.


OR, if you don’t have a ring, I’ve used tin foil…




A-hem, sorry, old pic 😀





I just rolled up a lot of foil into a firm circle, steadying it to be even in density to hold securely whatever receptacle I was placing on top of it. Works well, and can be reused (foil not the most enviro-friendly thing, but an option in a pinch).





Also, if you have a metal trivet, for hot plates and pots; a steamer insert‘ll work;  a piece of old tile (you may have stuff in your awning house or garage! 🙂 ) works; as well, chopsticks, old cutlery, etc., can be placed at the bottom of a pan and your receptacle on top — as long as it’s steady, and the items used not meltable, burnable or anything dangerous! — it’ll work. If you used to can, you can use the water bath rack. Use your imagination 🙂 I’ve done some crazy stuff, myself! “Necessity,” as they say 😉



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