Guest Review: Easy Green Sprouter

Red-Clover_SproutsRed Clover Sprouts

The Easy Green Sprouter

By Cindy

Ease of use:  Very easy to set up and use

Sprouting results:   All good results, even when sprouting broccoli seeds

Clean up:  Once per week cleaning required which takes about  4 to 6 hrs
to complete.   It gets easier each cleaning and you don’t have to be home the whole time.

Value:  I feel it is a good value and worth the money I spent on it.

Seeds sprouted so far:  Wheat berries, barley, alfalfa, clover, broccoli and a few other tiny seeds (like alfalfa/clover) blends from Sproutman.

This allows me to sprout a lot more seeds than I had been able to.  I still use a few mason jars to sprout and recently bought more sprouting trays and stored those in a plastic storage bin.  I won’t know the results of this simple method for a few weeks yet so I can’t compare the two.  I can’t get enough sprouts and use them in my green smoothies too to that is why I need so many.

One thing I found that I don’t like is the tube that the water drains out of has a strange chemical smell to it and this smell transfers into the drained water also.  I plan on looking at  hardware or home store to replace this tubing.  It doesn’t smell up the room, just the water that drains out of it.

Here is where I purchased it:   Evolution Health It is the best price I have found yet.


I want to add that since Sunday I have had seeds of  sprout trays in a plastic bin, hand watering and misting.  They are not sprouting nearly as fast as in the Easy Green Sprouter which makes me appreciate the Easy Green that much more.

Some of the seeds I am using in the Easy Green sprouter are from The Sprout House. They are the organic sunflower and buckwheat and I like them both.


~ *** ~

Here is a video presentation of the Easy Green Sprouter

Thanks for the review, Cindy!

I love product reviews! Anyone has any reviews? Places? Products? Quality?  Send ’em— the good, the bad, and the ugly 🙂


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  1. February 10, 2009 at 11:05 am

    I’ve been mulling over buying one of these for a long time. I have a very brown thumb so have been putting it off. I appreciate the review. When I read reviews on the sellers’ sites I never know if I should believe them or not.

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