Three Favorite At-Home Exercises….

I like to do a variety of  exercises, and so these are some I do at home. This is part of my life that is just as important as Eating for optimal nutrition.

I think my No. 1 All-Time BEST for weightlifting is the Arnold Press:

This is incredible AND, I like the fast results. She says in the video this is good for shoulders. Hooooooold on, there, Lady. This works the entire arm. Killer tris! If you’re like me and don’t like doing a ton of various arm stuff, AND, your nemesis is the triceps area, then this may for you 🙂 Best results I’ve ever gotten from an exercise for my entire arms. Add this one to your routine. Try it!

Next, Jumprope. I have an adjustable one I like, Lifeline’s Power beaded jumprope. It’s nice to be able to adjust it to various sizes; but it’s not a necessary feature. Any jump rope will do! And, they are very inexpensive. This is so good to get your heart rate up and really burn calories. Do a few sets and see if you’re heart is not bumpety-bumpin.’ Put some music on and do it rhythmically 🙂 Lots of fun. You can do these outside, too and get your all-important Vitamin D! Or, how about these for rhythm? lol

Thirdly, I like to keep my 15-lb weights at the bottom of the stairs: Every time I go up I have to carry them. Then I have to carry them back down, of course ;). So each trip, I’m lugging 30-lbs total, and I’m getting at least a bit of a metabolism revving.  I sometimes will do various lifts, like pressups or biceps curls with them while climbing; or just carrying them with arms at my sides (especially going down).

Okay, 2 bonus ones 😀 : I have a bar I put over a bathroom doorway so I do a set each time I use that bathroom 🙂 so that helps. And, again, doesn’t have to fancy-shmancy expensive! Just make sure it’s secure.

I also love The Five Tibetan Rites (Here it is animated)

What exercises do you do at home or inexpensively?

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  1. beeb said,

    January 6, 2009 at 11:41 am

    u, madam, cover every base! thank you! oh eager to see the related fitness posts.

    this is off subject, but i hope you have a chance to reply, bc i know you are a master sew-er as well, (from previous posts)
    could you recommend a good beginner sewing book? i’m fairly new to this.any thoughts?

    like the david wolf gum oil prod. too. thx again!

    • poxacuatl said,

      January 6, 2009 at 1:36 pm

      Hi 🙂 Seriously, try that Arnold press! Haha.

      Hmmm…master sewer. I SO wish! I learned on my own, really (which explains why I’m NOT a master of anything sewy). I am sooo far from an expert, lol.
      Believe it or not, there are a lot of sites on the internet! You can learn some serious stuff online. Also I do a lot of sewing blog reading! Lots to learn from others.
      I recently improved my purse-making skills, for example, just from this site; she’s pretty awesome. Plus just learning the techniques from there, aids me on other projects, you know. So it’s all good, even if you/I don’t plan on making purses. I just practice techniques on scrap fabrics too. Oh, and SewMamaSew is awesome! You can learn a lot from just that blog. I learn by checking out stuff at the sewing shops too. Just browsing I’ll see various types of closures for clothes (buttons, snaps, eyelets, etc.) and look them up on the internet and practice. I’ve printed out easy free patterns! I’ve learned so much from the internet 😀

      Oh, my Garsh, and YouTube! Lol! Seriously. There are series, all KINDS of great tutorials, shortcuts, etc. Thing is, all this internet surfing takes time, but I have found it very helpful. If you want to learn to do zippers, for example, you can find many techniques and choose which is easiest for you or which to use where. Angry Chicken has a great one for bias tape application which bedeviled me for so long!

      If there is a sewing place around you, they often have classes. I may take one soon as I can find some for what I want to learn or brush up on — on a day I can! It’s hard to schedule these things too.

      I also have considered some dvd’s but haven’t actually gotten any.
      Oh, and the library has lots to borrow! I think — and no offense, I’d like one of these myself, actually — there’s one of those “for Dummies” books for sewing ??

      Oh, okay, my best recommendation: best beginner’s patterns are Kwik Sew. Go to “Learn to Sew” as well. Everything I’ve ever made from them has come out nice. The fittings are much more reliable as well (whereas, Butterick, for example are not only more difficult patterns (plus they are written as if you are an expert!) the sizes rarely fit! Anyway, Kwik Sew has very easy patterns that you can do just by reading the directions. They are really great.

      Isn’t the gumjoyl tasty-fresh? 😀
      Ask away, if you’d like and I’ll try to help. I’m just really not an expert!
      Oh, and thanks for stopping by and commenting, too!

  2. beeb said,

    January 7, 2009 at 10:07 am

    thanks for your thoughts! and of course, of course, there is serious sewing stuff online, i was just wondering what you would recomm.
    and i didn’t know those websites so very excellent! thank you. hey do you know ? thats a very sweet crafty knitty sewing site. from former marthastewarters. it always comes down to the ‘dummies’ books doesn’t it? haha. ok well thanks again. this site is a real treat! thanks!

  3. poxacuatl said,

    January 7, 2009 at 10:29 am

    Ha! I was going to link PurlBee, but I already was rambling so much! I had no idea those were ex-Stewarters! Makes sense, though :D.

    I’m sorry I don’t have a solid book to recommend. I’d like to know myself. There was book I remember I wanted, and I wrote it somewhere or bookmarked it but can’t find it. I do know it was by a man. I hope I come across it.

    You remind me I have to get my sewing room up and running. I haven’t sewn in a while. I just moved so I’m still sorting things. I tend to sew more in the summer which does NOT make sense!

    Thanks again, to you! Hope to see you here again 🙂

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