Gum Joy Oil, and Vegan Teeth Floss…


Well, I have to say, I was very pleased with this product. Been meaning to try it for ages, but I make my own tooth powders and pastes and, well, why would I need to? I had traipsed on over to David Wolfe’s place for an order (excellent customer service, by the way) and decided to give it a try. Good stuff. Anyway, I will definitely be trying to formulate my own Joyous Gum Oil 😉 I have most of the ingredients. For now, this is a really great product.

Instructions direct to use “6 drops” on your toothbrush; however, I don’t think that much is even necessary. It is not “oily” feeling in the mouth; but whatever gets around the outside of your mouth and lip area is 🙂 No prob, though, really.

Teeth felt very clean, non-oily, and, wow, fresh breath! Not that mine is all THAT bad Photobucket Lol. But really *really* effective! They found a great combination of essential oils and in perfect amounts. Wonderful. Now, hopefully, I can duplicate it! AND breath stayed fresh…which is not common. Alot of mouthwashes, for example, smell good for 10 minutes then it’s back to halitosis dominosis! This is like a tooth cleaner and mouthwash in one.

Probably since bad breath comes from the stomach too. And, of course, in between teeth! Flossing, is a *must.*

For flossing, this is the one I use most often, Eco-Dent’s:

GentleFloss, Vegan Floss, by Eco-Dent

GentleFloss, Vegan Floss, by Eco-Dent

Another good one I find in stores is JASON’S Vege-Wax Floss; but it’s not on their site for some reason! It may be discontinued…too bad, really, it’s a top product. It’s compact; so this one, I  keep in my car, lol.

Vege-Wax Floss, Vegan, by JASON

Vege-Wax Floss, Vegan, by JASON

Also good is Dessert Essence, which has some other good, vegan products (but *always* read labels!):

Desert Essence Dental Floss, Vegan

Dental Floss, Tea Tree Oil, Vegan, by Desert Essence

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