Tangerine-Macadamia Dressing…


Good stuff. Been a while since I’ve actually prepared an official recipe :). This one’s been on the back burner ever since I saw it. I really don’t like sweet-fruit + nuts dressings, but this turned out nice.  While preparing this ideas of wild experimentation were shooting like fireworks through my brain…ha! I guess, food cravings go away with Eat To Live, but that experimental little bugger stays buried till something coaxes it from its slumber 😉 You could *easily* stretch this by adding more liquid or vegetables to make more volume and lower the fat/calories per serving; just be sure to adjust the flavors.
Didn’t have tangerines, but imagine it would be excellent with them, blood oranges or clementines –oh, my darlin,’ yes 😉 Good oranges will do.

I didn’t mess with it (yet), too much, though, since I wanted to give it a good try as it was meant to be; however I ETLized it along the way, of course 😉
My ETL-version of Zel Allen’s…

Tangerine Macadamia Dressing_Zel Allen

1/2 C raw, Macadamia Nuts (2 – 2 1/4 oz)
1 C chopped tangerines, about 3 OR 1 med-large (8-oz.) Juicy orange
1 TB flavored Vinegar (preferably a sweet one, like Dr. Fuhrman’s;I used coconut)* Or more to taste
2 TB Water, optional, as  needed
1TB peeled, grated fresh Ginger, or more to taste
1 small clove Garlic, or to taste

Freshly ground Black Pepper, optional, as desired

Measure your macs:


…and your orange too…


…throw in the rest…



…now you know what to do 😉


Flip that ol’ switch…

..err, don’t let a splash on your lens cause a frown…

…’cause she’ll be oh-so creamy smooth …


…that ‘ol power mixer don’t never let ya down ;)…


Transfer first 6 ingredients to your blender jug and blend on  high until creamy.

Adjust seasoning, if necessary. Blend. Taste. Add freshly milled black pepper.

Serve at once or thoroughly chilled.


Makes 1 C Dressing.
Store in a covered container in the refrigerator, Tangerine macadamia Dressing will keep for one week.  The flavor intensifies as it sits.

*Notes D Original recipe calls for seasoned rice vinegar (2 TB + 1 tsp); it is a prepared vinegar used for sushi, and it contains sugar/sweeteners and salt. We don’t need salt and sugar. I think Dr. Fuhrman’s vinegars, which are very sweet, would go very well here.
I do have some brown rice vinegar (not seasoned, though), and raw apple cider; however, I chose the great raw coconut vinegar, from Wilderness Family Naturals. Firstly, it’s very mild in its acidity; however NOT in flavor. In fact, it is very strong, in my opinion. Whenever I use it, I am careful to start with a smaller amount than I would normally use or, if I use it to sub in a recipe, I start with half. So that gives you an idea. It’s a very unique flavor –hard to describe really. Not really “coconutty,” buy highly complex. It also has a sweetness to it (naturally present sugars in coconuts with perfect electrolyte balance), so I thought it perfect for this recipe, since subbing for seasoned vinegar which has that sugar in it. The sweetness of the plain orange was actually quite sweet enough.

You can use just about any another vinegar — maybe even an orange/tangerine one, or other fruity one to complement the tangerine; perhaps even a simple citrus like freshly squeezed lemon will do — or, you can use straight Brown Rice Vinegar, which is a nice mild vinegar. If you can find it, I’d get a Kyushu —  I recommend Mitoku brand (Great Eastern Sun has an organic one I haven’t tried, but I would think is good since they produce quality products); however, Spectrum has an organic plain brown-rice one and so does EDEN, and they are both good.
Or, if you don’t mind the prepared vinegar, then Spectrum’s Seasoned Brown Rice Vinegar is great )

Like I mentioned you could — and may I suggest you DO — go wild with this recipe. I have loads of ideas already!  If you keep the fabulous basic base — orange/tangerine/citrus + Mac + Ginger — in tact and simply vary t he surrounding additions, you’ll have a wonderful easel to place your canvas ;).


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  1. lacia said,

    January 3, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    Hi! I wanted to say thanks for the super nice comment you left on my blog. THANK YOU. 🙂

    Your blog is a great source of info. I just tried this dressing tonight and loved it. I can’t wait to try others!

    • poxacuatl said,

      January 4, 2009 at 7:55 am

      Cheers, CQ! 😀 Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad the dressing turned out. I hope I can get more recipes on here; I’m just not good at writing down “stuff” I throw together 🙂 Maybe I’ll try adapting another one from Zel Allen, ha!

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