When I Grow Up, I Want to be … Cloris Leachman…

Photobucket Seriously!

I mean, not necessarily her outrageousness lol. I think she’s FABULOUS! I think she’s beautiful and witty as hell as she’s always been. Doesn’t miss a beat. I’ve always loved her, and wished she was utilized more in films; but, with the rampant sexism AND ageism — the ageism *especially* toward women) it’s par for the course. I find the criticism of her on “Dancing with the Stars” VERY sexist and ageist, and, if there’s _anything_ that gets to me, it’s the “isms” — racism and sexism at the top.Photobucket

I think her run is near the end, however — with all the questioning, (read: SUGGESTING it, repeatedly so to make it happen, ala Rove & Co) about, “Will Cloris make it this week?!” “Is Cloris going to be voted off?” “Cloris is annoying everyone on the set,” “Are the other celebrities ‘tired’ of Cloris’s ‘antics’?” Etc., on and on…and the demeaning, shameful insults she endures from some of the judges, especially that Carrie Ann who is not so easy on the ears herself, is very disrespectful. And I find it abhorrent when they laugh at her instead of with her or at her comedic talent as they would someone younger.

I say GO, Cloris! GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF! And many, MANY more good years to come. rainbow banana

I wonder what her diet is like?!! She’s in great shape, and obviously exercises; but wonder if she’s anything close to ETL?? 😀

I restrain myself from opinion here, ’cause, believe me, if I did post opinions, I’d NEVER get away from this computer! Okay, just a random, off-topic (okay, an opinion) entry onto a blog with no topic anyway 😉

Large row smiles


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