Homemade Deodorant Recipe…and Fresh Chamomile…

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Ceremonial or “White” Sage:

Not the kind you add to your pot of Italian Beans! Native Americans have used it, burning, ceremonially for purification and cleansing for the ages — it’s also called “smudging”; I’ve also burnt some of my own — gotta rid the home of evil 😉 or at least a nice purifying once in a while :D.It has been used medicinally, internally, for certain ailments, too. It is purported to be a good topical remedy, as well, such as for eczemas or just an astringent. It is used for body odors as well, such as in foot sprays and powders. You often find it in incense shops in bundles, ready for smudging in a receptacle in your own space. I LOVE sage — the cooking herb too — so this is a fragrance I really like. You can also let it simmer on the stovetop to fragrance the home, as you can with any herb or spice, for that matter; cinnamon and cardamon are favorites as well. If you have something in the dehydrator, stick a few into the top and it will fragrance your space; put it on the bottom tray and it will infuse whatever you are dehydrating with a light sage fragrance and flavor. All that and more but, in this instance, I used it as an ingredient for deodorizing. ____

Fresh-picked Chamomile:

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I am fairly certain the chamomile I purchased was Matricaria species, also known as “German” or “Blue Chamomile.” All the types are valuable and can sometimes be used one for the other: All consisting of great properties and so useful in so-so many applications…I’m not even going to attempt to go into it! It’s mild, yet very powerful…like most of nature, I suppose :). It is very gentle on skin but it also has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties — and lovely fragrance — so it’s a good addition here. Sage and sage essential oil is in a lot of deodorants; and lavendar as well. I decided to utilize both.  I made a wonderful chamomile ‘liquor’ from the  fresh, organic chamomile flowers I got this Spring from a local farmer; made the most delicious tea; I made a ton and froze in ice cubes — still enjoying it 😉 I made two types of tea infusions: One was strictly with the flowers:

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The other was with mostly leaves and some flowers:

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Like so:

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For the deodorant recipe, I used the infusion with mostly the herbs. Then I had to make a sage decoction**; I decided on 1 ounce of white sage:

White Sage_

simmered in 2 1/2 C water.

Slowly bring to a bowl; cover, lower to a simmer for 25-30 minutes. Let sit till cool.


Here’s my version of…

Lavandin Sage Deodorant

Combine in a small, non-reactive bowl (or a storage bottle with mister):

1 ounce Ceremonial or White Sage  Decoction (or you can try White Sage Hydrosol*)

Add 2 ounces good-quality witch hazel extract

1 ounce chamomile infusion (or hydrosol)

Whisk in 10d Grapefruit Seed Extract (to preserve) and combine well.

Then add the following essential oils:

5d Coriander E.O.

5d Lemon E.O.

12d Lavandin E.O. (or Lavender, if you wish)

Pour into a bottle with mister and seal tightly.

Let ripen at least a week, shaking occasionally. Shake well before using.

The fragrance may seem strong when you first spray it on; it dissipates, but not entirely. The sage is the … base note, think; though the lavandin comes through fairly strong. When I first made this, I used it straight away and found it “okay.” I didn’t use it again for about two weeks and, oh, what a difference! It  needed to ‘ripen’; and its efficacy much improved. This recipe is a keeper. It’s been performing fabulously this summer.

Note: You may also want to try using a few drops (5?) of pure essential oil of sage and water/witch hazel if you don’t want or have any sage water.

*I don’t know if this would be strong enough; I doubt it. I would go with essential oil of sage added to a hydrosol of choice or plain water.

**This sage decoction is very, very delicate, I discovered! It must be refrigerated soon after making or, better, preserved. Keep in the fridge only a few days to be safe or you can always freeze, well-sealed, for longer storage, if you don’t have any preservative at the time.  I let mine sit and it went bad in less than 24 hours. Luckily, I made the deodorant soon as it cooled; unfortunately, the rest of the batch had to be trashed. It literally had mold growing on top! The GFSE (grapefruit seed extract), however, has preserved it magnificently.


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Chamomile tea, bagged, or any tea, bagged is NOTHING — nothing — like fresh-flower infusions or fresh tea leaves; freeze-dried chamomile flowers or fresh-dried, preferably whole, leaves would be a second. But until I tried fresh, chamomile tea was very “so-so” with me. In fact, I rarely drank it. Truly fresh-flowers chamomile tisane is a heavenly treat. It’s almost irrecognizable to the bagged ‘stuff‘ my grandma used to drink! It is also *much* more potent than bagged (which is usually composed of the lowest-quality parts of plants, by the way, containing twigs and so-forth, which can be who-knows-what-how-old). I usually sip it in the evening, and it will knock me out very quickly if I don’t dilute it; relax me, if I do. Also delicious iced! I had previously hated it iced; but there’s no comparing fresh to dried, and I now understand the words oft used to describe chamomile — apple-ish. According to what I’ve read both tea concoctions have medicinal, beneficial properties; I decided the flowers-only infusion would be nice for tea :^)


You can see by the deep color of the ice cubes that it was a very strong infusion:

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Fresh! ;^) —–

****************Bonus Deodorant 😀 *****************

Here is another deodorant I tried that came out truly excellent, as well! The only ingredient I did not have was black pepper essential oil. From what I know about it — which isn’t much — I would think it was merely a fragrance consideration; though, I do not know for sure, as it makes sense it may be anti-bacterial ? One other slight variation is that I used orange-infused vodka I had on hand (just lots of orange peel sitting for almost 2 years now in a bottle of vodka). And I wanted to use orange blossom water, which is the food-grade variety, though I’m not sure if the creator of the recipe really meant an orange-flower hydrosol… To be sure, I honestly don’t know if the food-grade is distilled in the same manner as the cosmetic grades (which are oftentimes food-grade as well as cosmetic) because the fragrance is much more pronounced in the orange blossom “waters” I purchase for food than the pure, true hydrosol I’ve gotten… They seem different to me — quite; though the fragrance is familiar, but very-very slight with the hydrosol. The orange blossom water smells much better. I doubt the final product would be the same (fragrance-wise) had I used my orange flower hydrosol. Anyway, I love the scent of this orange blossom water for deodorant! I recall reading that this can be used alone as a body deodorant; though I thought, at the time, more of a body spray/refresher. Nice! That too. It smells so lovely when sprayed on.  I think I’ll use it in my own deodorant creation next :).

Geranium and Cypress Deodorant

1 tsp high proof vodka

10 drops geranium

10 drops cypress

8 drops bergamot

5 drops neroli

4 drops lavender

3 drops black pepper

4 tbsp (40 ml) witch hazel

2 tb sp (25 ml) cornflower water (you can make this!)

2 tb sp (25 ml) orange flower water

1. Measure the vodka into a 4 oz (100 ml) glass bottle with a spray attachment. Carefully add the essential oils, one by one. Shake vigorously to dissolve the essential oils.

2. Pour the witch hazel into the bottle, using a funnel if necessary, followed by the two flower waters. Shake well.

3. Label the bottle and the deodorant is now ready to use .

4. Before you use the deodorant each time, give the bottle a good shake to ensure the essential oils are fully dispersed

By the way, witch hazel — a good-quality like MRH’s — is excellent all by itself as a deodorant! Good stuff.

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