Got the Sprout Screens from MRH…

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And some other stuff 😉 I *definitely* like these better than the cheesecloth — definitely! No need to remove the cap, just pour water through, shake and wiggle, drain — done! No reason to worry about contamination with the cloth, nor fuss with rubberbands and strings! Little strings of cheesecloth tend to unravel into the sprouts…do you know how hard it can be to find a cheescloth string in mob of tailed sprouts?!!

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Okay, so I did say I liked the cheesecloth better than the plastic lids, and I do! It’s still a great, easy way to sprout, and, at this point would be my second choice. I’m moving up with my sprouting! 😀

So I received the Biosta, sprouting canister kit (looks bigger in that pic, no?); and, I have to say, I was surprised how small it was! Here it is next to some lemons to get an idea:
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Actually, it still looks bigger in this pic than reality…Here is another…

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Sigh…no problem, really, it’s fine; unfortunately, it came damaged 😦 The bottom tray had two large cracks in it. It is the one to hold water, so not really usable…Called MRH, and, they said they will send one out on Tuesday…when I finally got a hold of them. Honestly, I love their products and they USED TO have excellent service; but I’ve had problems with their customer service now *several* times. I’m still on their bandwagon, but I’m close to finding another ride. I’d hate to, really, since I adore their quality and products (and freshness). Still, I’m a HUGE customer service person, and will suffer if I have to_lol. Anyway…I’ll have to review it in the next couple weeks to see how my garden grows :^)

Speaking of review — just a quickie: If you see one of these Zyliss Salad Knives:
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Save your $2.99 (Plus Tax). It’s lousy! It may not “turn  your lettuce brown” — it’ll squish it first! Lousy, lousy, product. Not good enough. It’s said to be “ideal” for bread (doubt it) and brownies (probably); but, if you’re not eating breads and brownies (which you shouldn’t be 😉 ), then it’s useless. My salad greens were bruised and squished by this cheapy, plastic knife. Poor greens :(.

OH, and I made myself a sprouting bag 😀 When I get time, I’ll post!

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