Here is Noodles in his eco-friendly hemp suit! I made these out of hemp shoe bags from ecolution! 😀

These suits are patterned with an open back (I’ll get a pic up soon). I designed this suit; my mother designed a suit which covers his back, and is nicer for chilly weather, though they are fine in warm weather, if made of cool, thin, cotton.

These came out WAY too big! They look like nightgowns ;). Ideally, I should cut them down to lighten them for him. He’s pretty strong, though, and it may be good for his bones :). If they look uncomfortable or confining, as far as I know my Noodles, they are not. He finds them a relief when the urge to pick arises. (And just to reiterate: The purpose of creating these arose from the desire — the desperate need, actually — to find some relief for Noodles. Feather picking is a horrendous condition. He wears these suits only as needed; and he is used to them.)

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This orange one is my favorite; it brings out the orange on his face :D.

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This bright green was made out of some scrap material; not too heavy, very soft, comfy, and nice for spring. This one is a bit short! :

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I ordered some organic hemp and cotton material from NearSea Naturals to make him some more suits (He’s got tons already, but…)

I have never ordered hemp (or any material without seeing/feeling it first) online and they were very kind enough to allow me to order three types of fabric in one-yard measurements! I also ordered some of their organic cotton thread — what a find!! I ordered some extra material to make myself some strainers (for nutmilks, juices, etc.)

I was getting sucked in by their lovely yarns too! Yikes! I had to stop myself from ordering; the price is really steep! I’ve been really wanting to do some of my crocheting in organic threads — like bamboo, cotton, hemp, and maybe some vegan “silk.” Vegan “silks” come in various forms, such as Peace Silk, from worms (not vegan; technically, vegetarian); then there are tons of soysilks available; and other natural fiber silks, such as banana yarn, bamboo, and corn, etc.

And then there’s recycled silk…I wonder if that is ethical? Haven’t thought about it…I believe it’s real silk…recycled…?? Hmmm, well, that’s for another post another day!

I wonder if I could pull off a crocheted suit?! Probably not. I’m actually a very poor crocheter! I’m a one-two-stitch kinda woman :(. I do mostly blankets. Oh, well…

Just a note – Personally, as a vegan, I do not approve of anthropomorphizing animals to the extent of clothing and treating them to the extreme “like humans.” Their nature’s should be respected…as far as possible anyway. It’s quite a dilemma being a vegan and living with animal companions. If I could, I’d let him fly away… Well, I could go on and on here…

Back to Noodles, his current wardrobe is that of old scrap material. I’d like to keep as ‘clean’ materials on him as possible, though. Bird skin is VERY thin. I don’t want him absorbing anything even remotely bad. That’s all he needs is ‘stuff’ irritating his skin! The fabric of his suits is not good-quality.

So I’m looking forward to sewing these new clean, eco-friendly suits! The hemp was very easy to sew. It looks like it is harsh material, but it’s not. It’s quite soft and more loose and flimsy than one would think. It’s not stiff AT ALL. I’m hoping I ordered okay! Not sure — like I said — what it’s going to be like. Of course, the purchase won’t be a waste: I can always use it for aprons, pillow cases, dish towels, etc. :).

Only thing I will miss is having a variety of color…I have to search for some naturally-dyed hemp fabrics…


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  1. July 7, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    […] and made this drawstring bag. This material is VERY easy to work with; (I made Noodles some more eco-suits out of this; it’s perfect and light! I’ll post those soon )I made sure to reinforce […]

  2. Jessica said,

    January 1, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    I love your hemp bags! I’m interested in making some. Which fabric from Sea Naturals do you recommend?
    Thanks so much,

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