Purslane Season!!

Yippee! Verdolaga has arrived 😀


Expensive suckers (literally) at Whole Fools. But, hey, as soon as they appear at the farmer’s market, I’ll be happy. BUT, I’ll be even happier, yes, indeedy, when my own, lovingly planted portulaca sprouts its Essential Fatty Acid Goodness for me. Purslane goes by many names, and has the most excellent nutritional profile, courtesy PubMed.

Purslane seeds

I could not find these seeds anywhere, so ordered from Seeds of Change, which had two types of Purslane, Golden, and Large Leaf Erect. Got both, plus a couple packages of Borage :).

Portulaca is the highest vegetable source of Omega 3’s. It is indeed very impressive! FaBulous in a Green Juicie Green Smoothie. It’s a mucilaginous green, so it makes a nice thick smoothie. This stuff is major green goodness. I’m thinking, at the tail-end of the season, I’m going to stock up on as much as possible, and freeze it to have during the off season. As much as I despise freezing my precious greens, I shall make the exception to get the goodness as much as I can year ’round :^).

So far…


and…laughing green har har


Sadly, I honestly don’t know which is which! The large leaves look like purslane, but, at the time of planting it was tagged as Borage planted in that pot!Then again…the little teeny-tiny sprout has a red stem — very purslaney 😉

We’ll see, I guess. I want the Purslane more than I want the Borage; so fingers crossed and prayers going up 😀

Large row smiles

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