Flax Microgreens!

Yep, decided to take on Flax microgreens! I have forever heard/read that flax sprouts are a pain in the be-hind; however, with the ease the Chia microgreens grew, I decided to just give a go. I’ve never tasted flax greens and have never even seen them available anywhere. So totally new adventure )

I did the exact same procedure as the chia. These babies took long to even show a sprout.

Unfortunately, my computer went kaplooey few weeks ago and I lost some things (. What was saved and uploaded to my new comp is still a bit iffy, as some stuff has decided to hide, in what I can only determine is the seedy part of computer town. X
Anyway, point is, my initial pictures of days 1, 2, 3, etc., are lost; but these are enough, methinks:

Day 4: Barely ready for greening :

You can see they sprouted very unevenly (

Day 4, after 1st greening:

Day 5 after second greening:

Day 6:


These are bitterish, with that flax flavor that is off-putting, if you’ve ever tasted it. It usually is from the brown flax; however, these were golden flax seeds and fresh.
The sprouts were ready at Day 5! They were very tasty with a nutty flavor, and, surprisingly, mild, in my opinion; but day 6 made them bitter.

I really don’t like how they don’t sprout at the same time ? This isn’t good for knowing when exactly their ready. It will be “taste-to-know when.”

None of the un-greened sprouts are rotten; just slow growing.
I don’t know if this is normal for them. Time will tell, I guess. That is, if I continue with growing them. Only thing I can think of that may have been a factor is that the seeds have been frozen (though are fresh). That doesn’t stop other seeds and nuts from sprouting, though, but, flax is a delicate little thing, so, no telling yet ).

No problem throwing these into my salad, even a bit bitterish. The small amount will be mostly lost anyway )

Large row smiles


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