FINALLY! This is what I’ve been saying FOR_EVER…

reading many books


All about how the “new atheists” are *just* as bad as the right-wingNUT religious fanatics who hijacked the Bible, and faith. I felt like no one else saw this in their absolutely disgusting raging against not only religion, but also against individual people of Faith. It was (and still is) fashionable to bash God and any Faith or Religion, and Spirituality in general with rabid hatefulness so ugly it was and is still shocking to me. Some atheists are just as ‘fundamental’ in their “belief in the religion of ‘Science’ as I used to say.

Anyway…I’m glad it’s been written. However, that’s not to say I agree with all of what Hedges says in the book; but the equating of the two, he’s spot_ON.
Chris Hedges Wiki entry

Hate is hate.


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