Farmer’s Take for the first week of April

These, first sweet peas of the season:

When you EAT 2 LIVE, this is what your groceries look like 😉 :

I’m so inept at setting my camera, that I cannot get a full shot of all the veggies at once

So I’ve got Parsley, Chard, Sweet Peas, SPROUTS! — yay, my favorite, Sunflower Sprouts; Pea Sprouts; Daikon Sprouts (HOT); Radish Sprouts (hot!) — Butter Lettuce, Spring Mix;  Roma Tomatoes, Asparagus, Napa Cabbage…

Spring mix; Butter lettuce; Zucchini; Sprouts; Napa; Frisee, Asparagus Lettuce, Super-Baby Bok Choi (cuties, and dark green!); Meyer Lemons; Tangerines…

Better pic of the Asparagus Lettuce and Sprouts!

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