Flax Microgreens!

Yep, decided to take on Flax microgreens! I have forever heard/read that flax sprouts are a pain in the be-hind; however, with the ease the Chia microgreens grew, I decided to just give a go. I’ve never tasted flax greens and have never even seen them available anywhere. So totally new adventure )

I did the exact same procedure as the chia. These babies took long to even show a sprout.

Unfortunately, my computer went kaplooey few weeks ago and I lost some things (. What was saved and uploaded to my new comp is still a bit iffy, as some stuff has decided to hide, in what I can only determine is the seedy part of computer town. X
Anyway, point is, my initial pictures of days 1, 2, 3, etc., are lost; but these are enough, methinks:

Day 4: Barely ready for greening :

You can see they sprouted very unevenly (

Day 4, after 1st greening:

Day 5 after second greening:

Day 6:


These are bitterish, with that flax flavor that is off-putting, if you’ve ever tasted it. It usually is from the brown flax; however, these were golden flax seeds and fresh.
The sprouts were ready at Day 5! They were very tasty with a nutty flavor, and, surprisingly, mild, in my opinion; but day 6 made them bitter.

I really don’t like how they don’t sprout at the same time ? This isn’t good for knowing when exactly their ready. It will be “taste-to-know when.”

None of the un-greened sprouts are rotten; just slow growing.
I don’t know if this is normal for them. Time will tell, I guess. That is, if I continue with growing them. Only thing I can think of that may have been a factor is that the seeds have been frozen (though are fresh). That doesn’t stop other seeds and nuts from sprouting, though, but, flax is a delicate little thing, so, no telling yet ).

No problem throwing these into my salad, even a bit bitterish. The small amount will be mostly lost anyway )

Large row smiles


Farmer’s Market _ Sunday

Farmers sn 4.20.8

Awesome Broccoli Greens!! Whoo Hoo! yay colorful stars Quite gorgeous, fresh ‘n’ ready :^). *Love* the almost-blue dark green. Of course, lots of Eat To Live ‘butter,’ the HOGacado (aka avoHOGo) that I am, I had to get me a couple ;^D This time, bacon and hass.

Ooh, and scored on some whole nuts! These were grown by a small farmer. He was not certified, but said he was organic. Oh, well, ya gotta trust someone sometime 🙂 Into the freezer go they. Hmm…hope there’s room.
No organic sprouts this time, but Thursday is sprout day, so I’ll stock up then along with some other goodies.
Some purty flowers, of course…To the left of the almonds is a type of choi, not sure which. Choi/choy is another cruciferous vegetable, so super-nutrient rich, very high in calcium. I love the super-dark green ones best 😀 No watermelon radishes disgust upset.

Oh, and, it got cut off in the top pic, but I got one of these Chinese lettuces — Wo Ju, or “celtuce,” “asparagus lettuce,” “stem lettuce,” “celery lettuce,” “Woo Chu,” “Wo Sun,” “Stemuretasu,” “Kaki-Jisha” Whew — the center of which, I haven’t tasted! (at least I don’t remember) It looks like a long root. I was told to peel and eat the center. So, as ordered, shall tonight 😉


Speaking of sprouts, I’ve been adding them to my GJGS’s — a concoction I came up with for my version of a green smoothie drink — Green Juicie Green Smoothie. It’s juiced leafy greens + whole leafy greens + whole fruit + liquid (I like my herbal ptisanes) = YUMMY! This way, I’m getting in enough greens (more, actually, than I was before with just Green Smoothies) without the bulk. Four (edited: now 7-fabulous!) years of ETL and I’m at a point now where I eat about 1/2 the volume as when I started. Quite a difference! But *awe*some, nonetheless. Plus, I really, really, really have come to hate the feeling of fullness; and now, I practice hara hachi bu. AND I still get the nutrition of the whole leaves; so this, methinks, is one of my better ideasbrows AND I get the extra greens power from the green juice. I’m super-soaked in green goodness!

Here’s one of my GJGSs:


This is how I really drink them though :

Photobucketlol yellow rolling ETL

FANTABULOUSness all over the place ;^)lol yellow rolling ETL

Pox_Large row smiles

Pot-Growing Veggies

So here are my potted greens growing on my balcony. Doing very well. I wasn’t sure if they would. Only question now is WHEN & HOW to harvest?!?!! I don’t know if I need to pull, cut, hack or what. And are these supposed to be harvested to continue growing or is this all I get? A one shot deal?? green sad big

Behold, the King of Kruciferae, the Mighty KALE:

Kale 2

Here’s Kale shortly after transferring its new home, straight from the farmer’s market:

Baby Kale:


The Other Calcium PowerHouse from the Family Choi of Cruciferae, Baby Pak:

bok 2

Here it is on its homecoming, Baby, Baby Pak Choi:


Another CalciYUM-rich green, commonly disparaged as a “weed,” The Dandiest of Dandies, meet THE DANDELIONS (with a little bok in there):

Bok Dandelions 2

Baby’s Arrival, THE DANDELIONS:


Pox_Large row smiles

FINALLY! This is what I’ve been saying FOR_EVER…

reading many books


All about how the “new atheists” are *just* as bad as the right-wingNUT religious fanatics who hijacked the Bible, and faith. I felt like no one else saw this in their absolutely disgusting raging against not only religion, but also against individual people of Faith. It was (and still is) fashionable to bash God and any Faith or Religion, and Spirituality in general with rabid hatefulness so ugly it was and is still shocking to me. Some atheists are just as ‘fundamental’ in their “belief in the religion of ‘Science’ as I used to say.

Anyway…I’m glad it’s been written. However, that’s not to say I agree with all of what Hedges says in the book; but the equating of the two, he’s spot_ON.
Chris Hedges Wiki entry

Hate is hate.

So, Chia MicroGREENS!!!

Finally! I’ve been wanting to grow my own microgreens, especially CHIAS!! I kept reading that chia had to be grown on clay, so just didn’t want to deal with it, Anyway, I followed SproutPeople’s directions (mostly).

Great thing is no special equipment needed (like I have room for more gadgets anyway!); though, I do have some sprouting trays from the old days when I used to grow wheatgrass, in storage somewhere. I’ll use them, eventually, I’m sure.

This was very fast and easy. For my first experiment, I simply used the lid of one of my square glass containers, lol _lol . Here’s a picture of it:
Anchor Hocking lid

Anything would work — even a plate. I’ve read a paper towel is sufficient!
For larger crops, I’ll use my dehydrator trays, as I did here for amaranth sprouts (but on cheesecloth):


Just need a double layer of Non-bleached cheesecloth (or other natural fiber, like hemp. It won’t work on a tray alone; they will fall through the holes and a solid sheet is not breathable).

You can wet the cloth first or not but just put a layer of seeds on the cloth then, add water, and, with the flat bottom of a fork spread the seeds around. If you use your fingers, it’s just too sticky as the seeds are sucking up the liquid. You get a nice, single (which is important) layer quickly with the fork. Add more water if it needs it, cover it with a towel and put it in a dark place and check it at least once a day, and water if it needs it. You can also use a spray bottle filled with a dilution of the kelp mixture or just water. I just put water at the corner and let it seep through the bottom instead of dousing the delicate leaves!) That’s it!

I wasn’t sure how long to let them grow. You could eat these as soon as they sprout (a day or less, if you want);or you can let them grow and green them in the sun. I was hoping they’d get a bit bigger, for some reason; but I think that’s not necessary, and possibly lessens the nutrition…I don’t know.
In any case, the harvesting is even easier: Just pull them off the cloth! Or you can clip them, if you don’t want the roots. I found that, even when I just pulled them, the hulls just fell off and I didn’t even get any in my green smoothie or salad; but, if some did, it would simply be fiber I would have consumed if I hadn’t sprouted them, so no biggie anyway.

For storage, I let the cloth get dry, rolled it loosely, then just put them in the fridge like that, instead of cutting them and breaking the roots. It’s unnecessary, and why kill it and start its decline before I eat it? I keep it a living food this way, all its nutrients in tact 🙂 Again, easier-peasier. I ate them later that day, but for longer storage of a larger ‘crop’ 🙂 I may put them (on the cloth) in a container or bag.

Here are some pictures:

This first attempt was simply to familiarize myself with it all, anticipatory of a failure, to tell the truth. So it’s as sophomoric as it looks :D.

First attempt, DAY 1 24-hour sprout:


First attempt DAY 2 sprouts:


DAY 3:

chia first attempt

My second try was much, much better. I used many more seeds, closer together (depending on how these green, I may use just a tad less)
Also, these were covered the whole time, and, interestingly, grew faster than when I left the seeds to sprout in a low-light location.
So, this third day, they are getting their first shot of light (unfortunately, rather overcast today, but, according to SproutPeople, this doesn’t matter too much, since even artificial light works. The sun is much better, though, since I noted the sprouts literally grew and greened very fast with just an hour of being exposed; so, for me, the sun is superior.


Second Attempt
(I used the bottom vessel my container this time); this is the first step of just laying the seeds and wetting them. They’ve soaked up most of it, creating that gel around them:

chia soak_second attempt


chia soak_second attempt

DAY 1 – After 24 hours, having been completely covered with a dark towel:

Chia 24 hours

DAY 2 – 48 hours, having been completely covered with a dark towel (they greened anyway!):

Chia 48 hours


chia 48 hours

Here they are after only a few hours of greening:

Greening Chia 48 hours

They actually greened even when not exposed to sunshine at all, and only having been exposed to light for the few seconds it took to water them.

We were in the upper 90’s and into the 100’s past few days; so they dried up quickly, and moreso when in the windowsill, sunning themselves. So I watered them a few times a day at that temperature.
They soak up water and you can tell they need more; I was just carefull not to leave them sitting in a puddle of it.

I also used this kelp fertilizer which supplies hydroponically grown fruits and veggies minerals they don’t get from growing without soil; however, the nutritional content of chias is so high, it’s not a necessity at all, and pure water worked/s just fine. (purchased at a gardening store; most carry it, like Lowe’s or Home Depot, etc.)

Kelp fertilizer

DAY 3 – This is how it looked this morning:


Here is a top shot. Next time, I’ll use a tad less seeds:


DAY 4 _ I’m eating some of these super-nutrient Microgreenie babies tonight!! Simply gorgeous. I feel stronger just lookin’ at ’em…Huh, take that, Popeye, with yer Spinach and hey, “King Kale ain’t got nothin’ on Chias” light green black mouth


Here are the roots, which are brown only because I used the kelp; they are pristinely white with just water, almost clear, translucent — very pretty. I’ll get a shot of them next time!


Pox_Large row smiles

Aquasana Water

Feeling SO guilty for *still* buying bottled water, AND being a certifiable plasticphobe (just the idea of any thing leaching into my water/food gives me the willies) I finally decided on Aquasana system, the Filter Combo Pack.

I set it up (was easy) and had my first taste — NOT good. I could taste that “faucet-water” flavor…so I thought, anyway. I decided it was probably psychological, since I hate the taste of faucet water, and that I simply convinced myself I tasted it. So I decided to do a taste test, with it and the bottled water I’ve been drinking for years now, Glaceau’s Smart Water (“vapor distilled + electrolytes”). Yep, I could taste the diff gray confused ???

BUT, I thought I’d give it another test — I really don’t want to admit it’s crap!

I have a Capresso electric water kettle which I use everyday. I’m on my second one. I never *ever,* not once put anything but the Smart Water in it; and the kettle remained perfectly clear and looking brand new (before it conked out right at the one-year warranty mark), having no deposits from hard water or any other junk that faucet water leaves on glassware. So this made me feel really good about the Smart Water, too.

After less than 1 week of using the Aquasana-filtered water, this is what my kettle — previously pristine — looks like NOW:


I wasn’t CRAZY — well, at least I wasn’t imagining it! Here’s a smaller pic: Photobucket

UGH. See all the scum?!!!!!!!!! dismayed yellow That center should be completely polished-perfect clear like this picture shows:

I just can’t bring myself to buy bottled water, though…Photobucket It’s just too awful a sin against the earth. So I’m shamed into drinking less than optimal water…for now.

Apprehensive, but-happy-to-no-longer-be-contributing-to-the-MOUNTAINS
-of-plastic-evils- -assaulting-Mama-Earth Smiles
Pox_sm row smiles

Farmer’s Sunday for an Eat To Live’r…

Okay, trip to the Sunday’s Farmers Market, yielded some good Springtime goodies. I was so excited to find BROCCOLI GREENS!!! Where have you been all my life? I’ve never added broccoli to Green Smoothies. I’ve actually been looking for broccoli sprouts, which I usually put in my salads; but WHOA What a find! So incredibly DARK GREEN, and SO fresh…These will be a regular in my Green Juicie Green Smoothies, Guar-an-teed!

Okay, Here we go…

Start with some flowers:

Veggies, kinda sloppy…just sort of plopped onto the table D:

Flowers; Chamomile; Beet greens; Red Bell Peppers; Mexican Spinach; Chrysanthemum Greens; the-most-gorgeous-green-almost blue Broccoli Greens:

Here you can see the Chrysanthemum greens a bit better:

I found these *stunning* radishes!
In the East,
Shinrimei, “Beauty in the Heart”; referred to as Watermelon Radishes, or Roseheart Radishes in the West.
I’ve never had these before and they are as good as they look. No hot-spicy flavor or “bite”; very mild — delicious! Wouldn’t these be great for Valentines menu? Cut into heart shapes?

They vary in size.
Here is a larger one, whole:

Here is the first layer of a typical salad of mine:

Beets, Kohlrabi, Watermelon Radish, Carrot; Super-Baby Choi; Purple Cabbage:

Big_Ol’ Bowl D

Didn’t even add greens yet ;) I’ll get an entire salad up one of these days; but this gives you an idea of how much goes into one of my “salads.”

End with some flowers, and a cup of fresh Chamomile tea:

Great for before bed, or to relax. It’s in a lot of those herbal tea combinations. Also good for digestion after a meal; combined with ginger, even better! And, wow, what a difference fresh makes! I’ve never had chamomile tea from fresh-cut chamomile. It is much more powerful than teabags. I was totally relaxed within 15 minutes of drinking it! I thought I didn’t use enough, actually. Chamomile tends to get stronger as it sits, too; and I always leave the bag in. So also just left the leaves and flowers in this cup, and it was more delicious as well.

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